Forehead Reduction Surgery- know everything about it (2024)

The cosmetic procedure involved to help reduce the height of your forehead is considered forehead reduction surgery.

Genetics, cosmetic procedures, and hair loss, must be responsible for the larger foreheads.

There are surgical options considered as hairline lowering surgery to help balance the proportions of your face, and it is extremely different from a typical brow lift process.

Continue to read for learning more about forehead reduction surgery, including the risks associated with surgeries, recovery times, and the way to locate a cosmetic surgeon near you.



What is forehead reduction surgery? 

What is forehead reduction surgery
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Forehead reduction is also considered hairline lowering, which is a cosmetic surgery responsible for reducing the size of the forehead with the movement of the hairline about one to two inches forward. The plastic surgeon would combine the hairline lowering surgeries with a hair transplant for thickening the hairline and concealing the surgical scars.

The doctor will also use the expanders for stretching the skin on your forehead when the forehead is higher or when the skin is taut.

Your plastic surgeon would recommend a hair transplant and the follicular unit extraction to lower the hairline instead of surgery in a few cases.

Hair transplantations will not offer a similar hair density as forehead reduction as the transplants will restore hair loss, fill in the bald patches, and add hair follicles for reshaping and lowering the hairline.


How does forehead reduction surgery work in male and female patients?

Men generally have longer foreheads than women.

Both men and women struggle with higher foreheads, often selecting to wear hats and bangs to create facial balance as these are temporary solutions.

The forehead reduction in female and male patients is very similar, although there is a difference in the appearance and the surgical processes.

A woman’s hairline is generally located about five to six centimeters above the brows.

Women with higher hairlines or larger foreheads would be struggling with self-confidence leading to trouble finding flattering hairstyles hiding their foreheads.

Men generally have longer foreheads compared to women, and due to this, women often feel that the higher forehead appears male-like.

A man’s forehead is generally about six to eight centimeters above the eyebrows.

A higher forehead generally mimics a reduced hairline and would make a man self-conscious about their aesthetics.

Men who are not experiencing any baldness for male patterns and do not have a reconstructed hairline will benefit from the forehead reduction.

Male patients should consider the progressive nature of hair loss that would require they undergo additional procedures in the future that maintain their original surgical results.


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What is involved in the forehead reduction surgery? 

Forehead Reduction Surgery

The forehead reduction surgery is considered a surgical procedure mainly done under general anesthesia.

There is a local anesthetic that is also used in the forehead area that helps reduce bleeding and pain.


The plastic surgeons will be undertaking the following steps during this treatment:

1. The area of the forehead and the hairline to be removed is generally marked with a surgical skin marker.

Appropriate care is taken to ensure that the cut along the hairline preserves the hair follicles and nerves.

2. The whole forehead from the hairline above the brow region is completely numbered using a local anesthetic.

3. An incision is made along the marked area of the forehead and the hairline. The surgeon carefully separates the skin from its connective tissue lying beneath and cuts out the marked region for removal.

4. A top incision is made along the hairline, pulled down to join the incision on the forehead. It shuts off the gap by reducing the forehead.

5. The skin is then sutured together to reduce the formation of the scar and is hidden completely by the hairline based on the hair regrowth.

It is generally noted that the forehead reduction surgery reduces the height of your forehead and changes the appearance of the eyebrows as it surely does not raise the eyebrows.

Generally, there is a separate surgery that is considered a brow lift performed simultaneously with the hairline lowering surgery.



Several people can return home within a couple of hours after the surgery.

You will have to return to your office for the removal of the suture over the following week.

You will also be asked to return for observation and post-operative checkups about 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery.

Great care should be taken to help keep the wounds clean and heal adequately, as every surgery involves an incision.

You would wish to go through the signs of infection at the incision location.

Your physician will also offer you post-operative instructions for the proper care of the surgical incisions that include the way to reduce pain, risk of infection, and swelling.


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Who is the best candidate for forehead reduction surgeries? 

Forehead Reduction Surgery

There are surgeries for forehead reduction that are generally used for balancing the proportions of the overall face structure of an individual.

You should be benefiting from this surgery such as:

  • If you have a higher hairline and wish to reduce your hairline
  • If you have a larger forehead and wish to shorten your forehead
  • Thicker hair is extremely disproportionate to the height of the hairline
  • If you have lower or heavier eyebrows and wish to change the size of the face
  • There is a hair grafting treatment, and you wish to increase your hairline
  • If you have recently undertaken the brow lift treatment and wish to bring forward your hairline

But, these are the criteria where none is a suitable candidate subjected to the forehead reduction surgeries.

You should have a sound scalp laxity for having a successful forehead reduction surgery.

The surgery should not be right for you if you have a family history of patterned balding.

You should be discussing these with your doctor before moving ahead if you have any other medical conditions that would place you at a greater risk of complications arising from this surgery.


The Potential side effects and risks 

Several risks are associated with surgical treatments. The following are the risks included in the forehead reduction surgery:

  • bleeding happening during or after the surgeries
  • Are there any adverse effects of general anesthesia
  • allergies leading to the general or local anesthesia
  • infections happening over the incision areas
  • nerve damage where there are incisions made
  • paresthesias happening at the surgical site
  • potential hair loss where the hairline was removed
  • Effective scarring after the healing of the incision.

The benefits of the forehead reduction surgery will outweigh its risks.

The risk of a visible scar and the long-term effects are less if the surgery is performed by an experienced and skilled professional.

So, how much is forehead reduction surgery?


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How much does forehead reduction surgery cost? 

The forehead reduction surgery cost involves a cosmetic treatment as it will not be covered under any medical insurance.

Several plastic surgeons will need you to book a consultation initially before they offer you an estimate of the fees involved.

Cost varies greatly as it depends on several factors including the skill set of the surgeons, the extent of the surgery, and a lot more.


Finding the best surgeon

You should always be making sure that they are board-certified when you search for a cosmetic surgeon.

You should consider using search tools to find the board-certified surgeons near you.

Consider the following from your cosmetic surgery team during your consultations:

  • It includes several years of experience with cosmetic surgery as well as forehead reduction surgeries
  • Using before and after photos of the surgery clients
  • There is customer service along with positive reviews on the social media sites


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Alternatives to forehead reduction surgery

If you are a sound candidate prepared for the forehead reduction surgery, you can also apply for the other options.

Brow lifts 

You can try out a brow lift as an alternative to forehead reduction surgery if your forehead appears longer due to the low brows.

The treatment here involves manipulating the muscles or shifting the skin over the eyebrow area to lift the brows higher onto your face.

In certain cases, brow lifting can make your forehead look shorter.


Hair grafting 

If your forehead appears wider and longer due to the raised hairline, then hair grafting or hair transplant is the only solution.

The follicles from the rear of the scalp are transplanted along the front of the hairline in this process.


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Below we share some FAQs related to the query “Forehead Reduction Surgery”

1. Are there any non-surgical options for reducing the size of the forehead?

Unfortunately, there are no non-surgical treatments for shortening the brow, and hair transplant and hairline development are the only two options available.


2. Can a High and Wide Forehead be treated with a Forehead Reduction?

It is possible to conduct a scalp advancement to push the hairline forward for patients with a higher and wider forehead.

The amount of progress you make will be determined by your laxity and your objectives.


3. What Is the Price of Forehead Reduction Surgery?

It is highly dependent on the case’s intricacy, the amount of progress required, and other patient considerations.

The charges range from 8000 to 11000 dollars, depending on the case and region.

The final pricing will be determined following a consultation with your surgeon.


4. Is it possible for me to get a treatment to reduce my forehead?

A scalp advancement treatment can be performed to move your hairline forward and shorten your brow.

The frontal bone (the bone over your eyes) can be accessed through the same incision.

The flare under the brows (as seen in men) and the forehead curve are two factors.


5. What is Brow Bone Reduction and How Does It Work?

A treatment to remove or flatten the protrusion of the bone at the position of the eyebrows is known as brow bone reduction surgery.

The bulge is more noticeable in men and is a sign of masculinity.

Patients who do not have this bulge are believed to be more feminine and beautiful.

The forehead sinus normally bugles, but this varies from person to person.

The bone is revealed through a hairline incision.

This skull is lifted from the sinus using specialized techniques and instruments.

The bone is chipped and changed before repositioning in a more flattened position.

Small and thinner titanium plates held it in place.


6. What is the price of a brow bone reduction procedure?

The cost changes based on the severity of the patient, and it also includes the additional operations being performed around the same time.

After a consultation, the precise fee is decided.


7. Am I a Good Candidate for a Forehead Reduction?

Patients who seem to have a receding hairline that they detest are suitable candidates for hairline advancement.

Patients who expect hair loss, generally men, are not ideal candidates since the scar will be more noticeable if the hairline is lost.

Patients with medical issues, excessive expectations, or a propensity for poor scarring are also advised to avoid the procedure.


8. Does Hairline Lowering/Forehead Reduction Look Natural?

If the incision is planned appropriately and the treatment is performed correctly, the hairline advancement surgery usually results in a natural hairline.

Thick hair will better disguise the incision, but the incision is difficult to spot, even in thinner hair.

If you opt to go that way, hair transplantation is a possibility.

The density of the transplanted hair may not be as dense as your original hairline, but it’s a viable choice.


9. Is it possible to reduce the size of the forehead in the case of severe brow bone protrusion?

A treatment to remove or flatten the protrusion of the skull at the eyebrows level is known as brow bone reduction surgery.

The bulge is more noticeable in men and is a sign of masculinity.


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Final thoughts 

Forehead reduction surgery is also considered hairline receding surgery, a cosmetic treatment used to reduce the width of the forehead.

You should be a better candidate for this type of surgery if you feel that your forehead is not appropriately large for your face due to the eyebrows, hairline, and several other features.

Several risks are associated with this surgery, including surgical complications, damage to the nerves, scarring, and more.

You need to speak with your doctor about the hair transplant or the brow lift procedure if you are searching for an alternative to forehead reduction surgery.


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