Home Depot Vs Menards in 2024 (Store, Product, Price)

In the argument about Home Depot Vs Menards, it gets confusing for people which one is better, but no matter how much we argue about it, we still know that there is always one winner.

Home Depot and Menards are quite famous in their respective places, but currently, Home Depot is gaining quite a popularity among customers and in stock markets.

To know why and to understand which one is better for your choice, this article about Home Depot and Menards helps you out.



Home Depot Vs Menards

In this section, we share the major differences between these two companies.

Home Depot Vs Menards (Store Ranges)

Home Depot Vs Menards (Store Ranges)

People around the US know what an amazing Home Depot brand is; in that retail store, you can get useful tools, accessories, fuel, transportation rentals, etc.

And because of their products, Home Depot is very famous among customers.

Currently, in the USA, Home Depot has more than 2,000 stores available.

All across North America, Home Depot has around 2,300 stores in Mexico and Canada combined; it has around 300 stores.

Apart from the stores, you can also purchase Home Depot items from the website. 


Menards is also an amazing brand where you can purchase a variety of products best on your needs.

It has stores available in many places in the US, like Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Lowa, etc.

So including all these stores, Menards has 351 stores and 12 distribution centers.

It also has a website, so you can easily order products from there. 


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Product Ranges

Suppose a company doesn’t have a nice product range.

In that case, there is a chance that the company wants to scale that much in the US market, so in the race of product range, you should know what you can purchase from Home Depot and Menards.

Fill in the argument of product range; it is very important to mention that both stores are quite different from each other.

In-home Depot, you can purchase home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, vacuum cleaners, etc.

The bathroom items such as faucets, bathtub sink pipes, etc.

Then building materials, flooring and area rugs, paints, electronics, hardware, furniture for bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

And many other products you can get from the Home Depot store and website. 

And when we discuss Menards then, the products are quite different from the Home Depot store.

You can purchase groceries, houseware, clothing accessories, health beauty products, decorative items, books, luggage, toys, furniture for the bedroom, living room kitchen, gaming kids storage cabinet, office chair desk, etc. So it’s a lot like Walmart, where you can purchase to furniture everything you need. 


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Home Depot Vs Menards (Price Ranges)

Home Depot Vs Menards (Price Ranges)

In both places, the items you get are quite different; in Home Depot, you can purchase tools, pipes, floorings, rags, furniture, etc.; in Hyatt, you can purchase groceries, clothes, accessories, furniture, etc. So what’s common about both these places is furniture. 

In-home Depot, you can purchase a side table for $45, a bed mattress for $199 to $699, then an office chair for $36.99.

Apart from that, you can purchase tools for $14 and rugs for $19.99; these are starting prices, and many other products you can purchase from the Home Depot store and website at a reasonable price.

Then in Menards, you can purchase an office chair for $59.99, then you can purchase groceries at $5, two-headed for a faucet at $8, clothes at $17.99, etc. 

The items you can purchase from both places are vast, so you can purchase any item you need.

Also, both places are quite reasonable, so that you can purchase items without worry.


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Home Depot Vs Menards (Yearly Turnover)

If you try to know these companies’ markets, then you should know the revenues both companies earn each year to keep your knowledge up to date.

So being a successful company, Home Depot earns quite a range of money every year, increasing daily.

In 2016 the annual revenue of Home Depot company was $93.36 Billion, 2017 it was $99.22 B; in 2018, it was $105.59 B; in 2019, it was $110.93 B; in 2020, it was $125.63 B; in 2021 it’s $147.69 B, and in 2022 the TTM is $157.29 B which is 6.49% higher than its previous year.


And then, when we talk about Menards, it is also famous among the people in the US, but it is an aspiring brand.

Menards is quite similar to most retail stores, and it’s a smaller business than Home Depot, so the revenue is not as high as Home Depot’s.

So if you discuss Menards’s annual revenue or yearly turnover, then in 2016 annual revenue of Menards was $9.5 billion, then in 2017, it was $9.9 B, then in 2018, it was $10 B; in 2019, it was also $10 B, in 2020 the annual revenue $10.7 B, in 2021 it was $11.8 B and finally in 2022 it is $13 B which is much higher than 2021.

And as 2023 has just started, the revenue statistics are not available. 


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Which one offers Good Employee Benefits

Home Depot Vs Menards (Employee Benefits)

Before joining any work, you should always know the employee benefits that the company provides and if you plan to join Home Depot or Menards, then let’s talk about the benefits you will get there as an employee.

Home Depot employees get dental, vision, health, disability, life, pet, and prescription insurance.

Then you can get paid time off, paternal leave, flexible work schedule, work-from-home child care gym membership, flu shots, 401k retirement plan, financial perks, etc.

So all over, you get amazing benefits as an employee of Home Depot. 

Menards might not be as big as Home Depot but it offers decent employee benefits.

You can get dental vision, health and life insurance, paid time off, paternal leave, flexible schedule, child care, yearly bonus, employee discount weekly bonus, retirement plan, etc.

So it’s quite a nice deal to work at the Menards company. 


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Difference between the quality of the Products

Knowing the brand’s quality is important as it helps you a lot at the time of purchase, so if you are interested in buying anything from any of these stores, you should go for it.

But if you are especially looking for items to renovate your house or repair any room, based on the quality and range of products, you should go for Home Depot.

But if you need a few items on your way out of grocery shopping, then Menards is also a nice option.

But to summarize the question, if you are looking for a better quality product, you should go for Home Depot.

Ultimately, you can understand which company is better for you and has more options. Home Depot and Menards offer quite nice deals.

Still, as a winner, we have to declare Home Depot as it has more products for home renovation, its early turnover is more, and it has more stores all around us.

So that’s why it is much more convenient for customers than Menards.

And suppose you are trying to join any of these companies as an employee.

In that case, you can also understand that Home Depot has many more fields and benefits available for the employees. Hence, getting a chance to work at Home Depot is higher.


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