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In 1957 Drs. John Clarke and John Savaryn started Lakeview Clinic in Waconia. Their practice is located in this building on First Street in the West and still stands today. In 1963 Dr. Charles Bean Joined Dr. Clark in 1963. They formed the basis of the Lakeview Clinic for many decades.

The location of Lakeview Clinic was changed on Hwy 5 in Waconia in 1976. They expanded their building in 1981 to accommodate the growth in the community and 10 new physicians were added. The Lakeview clinic was owned by Dr. David Philip in 1985 and merged with the Watertown clinic. The Waconia office completed another building addition that double the size of the clinic in 1989.

In 1991 Dr. Cecil Provence owned a Norwood Clinic, which is merged with Lakeview. In 2000 this smaller office was moved. This expansion provided the opportunity to add an additional provider to the Norwood community. The Waconia office expanded again in 2003. After the expansion radiology department also added MRI, Mammography equipment, Density to the existing X-ray, MRI, CT.

New Office In Chaska

Since 1998 the Lakeview has been Chaska Community. In 2014 we surpassed Target and Built our new 3 stories medical building in Chaska. Lakeview Clinic continues growing to fulfill the needs of the communities we serve. In our four locations, we now have 50 different providers to treat patients.


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Lakeview Clinic Four Different Locations

1〉 In Waconia

Lakeview Clinic in Waconia

This location clinic has a six specialties, nine sub-specialties, complete x-ray facilities, digital mammography.

Ph.  No– 9524424461

424 state Highway 5 West, Waconia, MN 55387

2〉 In Chaska, Lakeview Clinic

Lakeview Clinic in chaska

This location clinic provides full-services includes family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, clinical laboratory, complete x-ray facilities.

Ph. No– 9525560120

110105 Pioneer Trail, Chaska, MN 55318


3〉 In Norwood, Lakeview Clinic

Lakeview Clinic in Norwood

Lakeview this location also offers internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, complete x-ray facilities, and clinical laboratory.

Ph. No- 9524672888

406 Faxon Road PO Box 120, Norwood, MN 55368


4〉 In Watertown, Lakeview clinic



Watertown location also provides family medicine, internal medicine, complete x-ray facilities, pediatrics and clinical laboratory.

Ph. No- 9529551921

313 Territorial Street E, Watertown, MN 55388


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Lakeview Clinic Contact Information


Ph.No- 9524424461

Lakeview Clinic, Ltd

424 state Hwy 5W Waconia, MN 55387

Their Official email-

Lakeview Clinic Services

They provide expert medical service with care, compassion, and innovation.

Family Medicine

The family practice provides comprehensive healthcare for individuals and families. In the specialization field, the importance has been on promoting general care, prevention of disease and good health.

Family Medicine/OB

In this service, the physician also specializes in the area of OB(Obstetrical) services. Prenatal and Delivery services also include.


A gynecologist specializes in the general medical care of women, including pregnancy-related issues like reproductive organs, breast, Sexual activity care. A gynecologist also started screening for cancer and arranged for hormonal disorders, infection treatment, and some surgical management.

Internal Medicine

They specialize in providing long term care for children, adults and elderly patients in minor and serious conditions. They also specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, infections, and disease affect the blood, digestive, vascular, respiratory system and heart.


Their Pediatricians specialize in the healthcare and treatment of children from birth to approximately 18 years of age. They are very experienced and train to diagnose and treatment for teens and children.

General Surgery

When the patient is directed by the primary caregiver. A surgeon is asked to diagnose a wide spectrum of Surgical terms and to provide operative, Postoperative and preoperative care.

Optical Shop

They provide services in optical

Ready Readers



Contact Fittings

Eyewear Accessories

Eyeglass repair and adjustment

Lakeview clinic optical shop has a collection of 500 materials in the most current and innovative frame style. They also provide a coating technology and advance lens in the market.

Time- 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Hospital Services

This service is for those who really need the special facilities of a Hospital, Lakeview Clinic Ltd. Ridgeview Medical center Provide a modern personal hospital facility for newborn deliveries, Complex medical testing, and hospital admission.

Ophthalmology & Optometry



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The foot and ankle surgeon knew as Podiatrist. The podiatrist is medical professionals. They very specialize in treating foot and ankle. A Podiatric medicine doctor completes surgical residencies and trained in surgical treatments of the ankle and foot.

A podiatrist can diagnose and treat all condition mention below

Fracture Repair of the foot and ankle


Heel Pain


Sports Injuries


Tendon Disorders

Ankle Instability

Diabetic Foot Care & Complications

Bone Infections/Healing

Ankle and Foot Arthritis

Foot and Ankle Trauma



Foreign Body Injuries

Amputation Prevention


Ingrown Toenails

Nail Fungus



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Some Lakeview Clinic Healthcare Providers

Here we only mention a few healthcare provider names. For full details of a healthcare provider, You must check their official site

David Arens, DPM AACFAS

He is Podiatry in the Waconia clinic.

Anne M. Benolken, M.D

She is Pediatrician in Norwood, Waconia

Janet M. Bergeron, M.D

She is family Medicine in Norwood

Sandra Z. Beulke, M.D

She is a specialist in Family medicine and OB in Waconia Clinic

Paul E. Brown, M.D

He is an internist in Waconia, Watertown

Sarah E. Carlson, M.D

She is Family Medicine and OB doctor in Chaska clinic

James E. Carrabre, M.D

He is a family medicine and sports medicine doctor in Watertown clinic

Lisa M. Chapman, M.D

She is an OB/GYN specialist in Chaska, Waconia

Erin L. Chinnock, M.D

OB/GYN doctor in Chaska, Waconia clinic

James B.  Currie, M.D

He is an Internist doctor in Waconia

Erin K. Dahn, APRN, NP-C

She is a Nurse Practitioners in Waconia Clinic


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