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Mcbride clinic was started by Dr. Mcbride in 1923. This clinic started in the red brick house with four, upstairs rooms that served as hospital rooms for patients to stay overnight. In the southwestern part of the country, it was the first facility of it’s kind.

Dr. Mcbride established a hospital in 1925 in connection with the Mcbride Clinic. The name of the hospital is Reconstruction Hospital and the location is 717 North Robinson Street. Dr. Elias  Margo (Orthopedic Surgeon) join the clinic in 1926.

On June 3, 2019, the Mcbride outpatient surgery center was opened. Mcbride Orthopedic Hospital is 100 physicians’ own hospital. 33 Physician, 24 Orthopedic Surgeons, 3 primary care sports medicine specialties,  3 rheumatologists, 1 physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist, 1 Podiatrist and 1 occupational medicine specialist.



Mcbride Clinic Locations


1〉 Mcbride Orthopedic Hospital

Mcbride clinic

9600 Broadway Ext. Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (map)

This hospital has a 68-bed specialty hospital located in North Oklahoma City. This hospital provides services include Hospital Imaging, MRI, Ultrasound, Level IV emergency, HIM, Environmental Services, Physical and Occupational therapy services, social service, Business office, case management, Retail pharmacy, cafeteria, and dietary food services also available for patients.

Main Ph No- 405 486 2100

Emergency No- 405 486 2140


2〉 Outpatient Surgery Center

Mcbride clinic

9801 N. Oklahoma Ave Oklahoma City, Ok 73114 (map)

The outpatient surgery center is an extension of the outpatient services of Mcbride Orthopedic Hospital. This center includes 6 full-size surgical suites, 24 phases 1 prep/Recovery Bays. Consultation rooms, Clinical office space, Vending, and oversized waiting room area.  This clinic is located northeast of the Hospital, outpatient clinic campus.

Main Ph No- 405 230 9800

Fax No- 405 230 9801


3〉 North OKC

Mcbride clinic

0600 Broadway Ext Oklahoma City, OK 73114 (Map)

North OKC includes Physician Clinic Space and offices, Outpatient Laboratory and X-ray, Retail Pharmacy, Outpatient IV infusion, Outpatient MRI, Outpatient Physical Therapy.

Main Ph No- 405 230 9000

All Appts- 405 230 9270

Toll-Free- 800 552 9270

Business Office- 405 230 9270

Physical Therapy No- 405 230 9575


4〉 Edmond


400 N Bryant Edmond, OK 73034 (map)

Edmond provides facility includes primary care sports medicine, Outpatient Clinic appointments for orthopedics, Spine, Sports Medicine, Podiatry, Outpatient physical Therapy Services, and Outpatient Radiology.

Main Ph No- 405 230 9200

Fax No- 405 330 5591

Physical Therapy- 405 230 9230


5〉 Mcbride Clinic Norman

Mcbride Clinic Norman

3700, 36th Ave NW Norman, OK 73072 (map)

Mcbride Norman provides primary care sports medicine, Orthopedics appointments, Rheumatology, Sports Medicine, Spine medicine.

Ph No- 405 230 9600

Fax No- 405230 9601

Physical Therapy- 405 230 9675

MRI- 405 230 9650


6〉 Occupational Medicine- Edmond

Occupational Medicine- Edmond

3406 S Boulevard Edmond, OK 73013 (map)

Main Ph No- 405 230 9700

Fax No- 405 230 9711


7〉 Mcbride Clinic occupational Medicine- West

Mcbride Clinic occupational Medicine- West

4901 W Reno Oklahoma City, OK 73127 (map)

The specialist in occupational medicine provides medical care to workers with work-related injuries and illnesses. Their physicians and staff partners with employers provide industry-specific pre-employment testing.

Main Ph No- 405 230 9250

Fax No- 405 943 0742

Physical Therapy- 405 230 9290


8〉 Kingfisher

1000 Kingfisher Regional Hospital Dr. Kingfisher, OK 73750 (map)

Mcbride serves the Kingfisher Community to the treatment of a wide variety of orthopedic issues. It includes Shoulder Elbow, Hand, Hip, Sports Medicine, Foot, ankle and total joint replacement.

Ph No- 405 375 7980

Appt- 800 552 9270

Fax No- 405 375 7245


9〉 Lawton

5050 SW Blvd, Ste 2 Lawton, OK 73505 (map)

Mcbride Clinic Lawton location focused on sports medicine, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Foot Total joint replacement, Fracture care, Makoplasty of the Knee and spine. This clinic is open 5 days every week to fulfill customer needs.

Ph No- 800 552 9270


10〉 Yukon

Canadian Valley Family care 1491 Health Center Parkway Yukon, Ok 73099 (map)

This location clinic is committed to the Diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic related issues and sports medicine.

Appts No- 405 230 9270


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Mcbride Clinic Specialty

They provide services Includes

Foot & Ankle

They treat Common foot & Ankle Condition Includes

Ankle Sprain

Ankle Fracture


Achilles Tendinitis or Tendinosis

Toe Fracture

Hallux Rigidus

Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

Flat Feet or High Arches

Diabetic Foot Conditions


Hand & Wrist

Common hand and wrist condition includes

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Ganglion or Mucous Cysts


Basal Joint

Acute Injuries (Fractures, Sprains, Strains, Tendon injuries)


Joint Replacement

They provide joint replacement services includes

Total Hip Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

Robotic Total Knee Replacement

Shoulder Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement


Occupational Medicine

Mcbride occupational medicine services include

Employer Services

Injury Care

Wellness Services



Mcbride orthopedics condition includes

Degenerative Disease

Acute Injuries


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


Primary Care Sports Medicine


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Mcbride Clinic Carrier

Mcbride orthopedic hospital is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion, age, gender, marital status, disability, genetic predisposition. This clinic makes an employment decision based on qualifications, merit and business need.

If you need help to complete the application due to a disability please contact HR at 405 486 2539 or email [email protected].


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