Reno Orthopedic Clinic Locations, Services, Doctors

Reno Orthopedic Clinic breaks down barriers between patients and caregivers, offers the most benefits, and creates the most effective way to a good cure. Their main vision and leadership mean that they continue to build muscle health in their region in both big and small ways.

Reno orthopedic clinic starts its journey in 1958. This clinic always gives their best to meet the needs and expectations of their patients but surpass them. They have the most skilled people in every field of orthopedics are equipped with the most advanced technology. Supported by the most efficient system and sympathetic peers.

The clinic has

30 Highly Trained Physicians

Region’s only orthopedic outpatient surgery center

Physical Therapist at three convenient locations

Six clinic locations

Spanish Speaking Physicians & Staff

Reno Orthopedic Clinic Locations

Reno Orthopedic clinic

ROC Locations 

(Official –site)

1〉 Reno Office

555 North Arlington Avenue

Reno, Nevada 89503-4724

Fax No: 7757861358


2〉 ROC Medical Plaza

555 North Arlington Avenue

Reno, Nevada, 89503-4724


3〉 Galena Office

18653 Wedge Parkway

Reno, Nevada 89511


4〉 Carson City Office

1365 Medical Pkwy

Carson City, Nevada 89703


5〉 ROC Spine & Pain Care

75 Pringle Way #701

Reno, NV, 89502


6〉 ROC Pain Center

6255 Sharlands Avenue

Reno, Nevada 89523-2882


7〉 Fallon Office

195 North Ada

Fallon, Nevada 89406

Fax No: 7757861358


ROC Physical Therapy Locations


1〉 ROC Physical Therapy at Carson City

1365 Medical Parkway

Carson City, Nevada 89703

Ph No



2〉 ROC Physical Therapy at Galena

18653 Wedge Parkway

Reno, Nevada 89511

Ph No:


Fax No: 7757864765


3〉 ROC Sparks Physical Therapy

5070 Ion Drive, Suite 200

Sparks, Nevada 89436

Ph No:


Fax No: 7753483054


Reno Orthopedic Clinic express Locations

This section is for urgent care for bone and health


1〉 Reno Reno orthopedic Express Urgent Care for Bones & Joints

350 W. Sixth Street, 1st Floor

Reno, Nevada 89503

Ph No-



2〉 Sparks Reno orthopedic Express Urgent Care  for Bones & Joints

5070 Ion Drive, Suite 100

Sparks, Nevada 89436

Ph No



3〉 Carson City Reno orthopedic Clinic Express Urgent Care for Bones & Joints

1365 Medical Parkway

Carson City, Nevada 89703

Ph No



ROC Medical Plaza

1〉 ROC Medical Plaza

555 North Arlington Avenue
Reno, Nevada Ph No- 89503-4724

First Floor

1〉Reno Orthopedic Clinic Express Urgent Care for Bones & Joints

Ph No

775 829 2663

2〉The Shop at ROC – Orthopedic SuppliesSupporting Your Every Move

Located next to Reno orthopedic clinic Express, across from the Reno orthopedic Cafe

Ph No:

775 348-3049

3〉 The ROC Cafe

It located next to the elevators, across from the Shop at ROC

Monday to Friday

7 am to 3:30 pm

Coffee, Pastries, Snacks, & More

4〉 Foot & Ankle
Located next to the shop at ROC

5〉 Human Resources
Foot and ankle are located just outside the center

Second Floor

Hand & Upper Extremity

Sports Medicine

ROC Hand Therapy


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Reno Orthopedic Clinic Healthcare Services

Patient care is their first priority. Reno orthopedic clinic has worked for the best and brightest of orthopedic medicine for over 60 years. It is the platform of the most skilled, highly trained most experienced practitioners to achieve the maximum efficiency of calling them with 30 physicians.

For Appointment call 7757863040

Their services include Physical Therapy, Shop at ROC, and X-ray & Imaging.

Reno Orthopedic Clinic Doctors

Reno Orthopedic clinic Doctors

We only mention a few doctor’s names here. check their official website

Naomi Albertson, MD

Specialty- Sports Medicine Family Practice)


Pete Althausen, MD

Specialty- Fracture & Trauma


Martin Jose Arraiz, MD

Specialty- Spine & pain care


Nikola Babovic, MD

Specialty- Hand & Upper Extremity


Eric Boyden, MD

Specialty- Joint Replacement


Timothy Bray, MD

Specialty- (Fracture & Trauma)


Spenser Cassinelli, MD

Specialty- Foot & Ankle


Thomas Christensen, MD

Specialty-Hand & Upper Extremity


Brian Gilmer, MD

Specialty- Sports Medicine


Jackson Jones, MD

Specialty- Joint Replacement


Ryan Dobbs, MD

Specialty- Sports Medicine


Kirk Kaiser, MD

Specialty- Hand & Upper Extremity


Gregory Lundeen, MD

Specialty- Foot & Ankle


Timothy O’Mara, MD

Specialty- Fracture & Trauma, Joint Replacement


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ROC Founder and Mission

Dr. Timothy J. Bray started ROC after publishing his book series “Techniques In  Fractures Fixation”.


ROC’s main goal is to improve muscle health through extensive education, fellowships, and research programs.

They believe that everyone should take the best possible care and have access to health information to strengthen and educate themselves to help them live happier and healthier lives.


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Reno Orthopedic Clinic Physical Therapy

For Physical Therapist appointment call- 775 786 3040

Reno Main Office

555 North Arlington Avenue

Reno, Nevada 895034724


ROC physical Therapy- Galena

18653 Wedge Parkway

Reno, Nevada


ROC Physical Therapy- Carson city

1365 Medical Parkway

Carson City, Nevada


ROC Physical Therapy- Sparks

5070 lon Drive

Sparks, Nevada Suite 200


Occupational Hand Therapy

350 W. 6th st 2nd Floor

Reno, NV


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