Timberland Return Policy in 2023 (Updated)

Timberland is most well-known for its high-end, famous boots, but the brand has expanded to offer clothing and accessories. Timberland sells products through dedicated stores, authorized dealers, and online. If you bought your Timberlands from a retailer that is not a third party, you must return the item to that retailer instead of Timberland. For this, you must know the Timberland Return policy.


Timberland Return Policy 

Timberland Return Policy

Timberland Return policy permits return within 60 days after purchase, provided the items are in good condition, not washed, damaged, undamaged and unaltered.

Bespoke goods are not subject to this policy unless there’s an error in manufacturing. In this situation, you must contact Timberland’s customer service within ten days of receiving the item.

The company will refund the original payment method an amount equal to the price of the product and applicable taxes. The processing time is typically up 7-10 business days.

In-store purchases can be returned only in person. However, Timberland accepts mail-in and in-store returns on online investments. Only exceptions apply to online purchases made through PayPal. Because Timberland can refund that kind of transaction only through gift cards, there is no other choice than to return the product to the person of the customer.

Timberland does not accept exchanges directly. If you’re unhappy with a product’s dimensions or style, you can return the item and purchase another.

Be aware that any transactions conducted using Timberland’s gift card are “final.


Timberland Return Policy for In-Store Purchases During COVID-19

Because many Timberland outlets remain closed because of the pandemic, you are given 60 days from the store’s reopening date to return your items, regardless of purchase date. You have to present the original receipt to verify the transaction.


Timberland Return Policy for Damaged Items in Shipping

Timberland Return Policy

If your products have been damaged in transit, It is important to determine what the severity of damage is before lodging an official complaint:

If the package is a little damaged, accept the box, but note the damage upon the delivery receipt, including your signature and delivery date. Ensure that the person who delivers can also sign the receipt and leave with a copy.

If you believe the damages are significant, The parcel should be refused and contact customer support immediately, supplying the item’s tracking numbers from the confirmation email you received.


How to Return a Timberland product in person

Timberland Return Policy

You can return Timberland items to factories. However, you cannot return them to retailers that are partners. Here’s how:

  • Place the product in the original packaging.
  • Go to the closest Timberland store in your local area.
  • Meet with a salesperson, and complete the return form.
  • Send an immediate Return Request Letter with DoNotPay!
  • If you find submitting the return request through Timberland difficult, it is possible to expedite the process using the app. Here’s how to use the app for your benefit.
  • Use a web browser of your choice, and then sign in to your DoNotPay account.

Look for your product’s Return My Purchase product. Chatbots should be provided with pertinent details.

Make sure you sign your signature electronically and then send your request.

In a matter of moments, our app will create a letter explaining why you are returning and the resolution you’re hoping for within the specified deadline. Our app also offers a free shipping label if you’ve lost the title included in your purchase.


What should you do if You don’t Refund Your Purchase After Returning the item?

If you aren’t able to receive a refund within ten days, you can contact Timberland customer service via email with this information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Store number and transaction (found in receipt)
  • Name of the product and model
  • Other pertinent information
  • The person who will assist you will contact you soon after they’ve investigated the issue with the appropriate department.

Request a quick refund with the help of DoNotPay!   

  • If you don’t wish to write your email, DoNotPay will help you get a refund in just less than a minute. All you need be able to do is
  • Locate the Chargeback immediately feature
  • Choose to be Protected
  • Answer some questions regarding your purchase
  • Please sign and submit your letter.


Timberland Return Policy RETURN EXCEPTIONS

Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards are considered final sales; once purchased, they cannot be returned.

If a person ships the return outside of the U.S. or its Territories, the cost of any tax, duty, customs charges, or shipping costs incurred by the return is the buyer’s responsibility.

Return labels printed in advance are included when you order through Timberland.com.

If you require an address for a return, Click the button below to download a Return shipping label.

If the order was made through the Timberland(r) Retail Store, it must be returned to a Timberland(r) store to receive credit.

Note down and save this return tracking number until your account is credited. Purchases made online through PayPal cannot be returned in-store to be credited for the original form of payment. The store may offer the gift card, or customers can request a return using the free shipping label.



Timberland does our best to help you complete your return as quickly as possible. When they receive your return item(s) in their facilities, the refund will be applied to the original payment method within about 6 to 10 business days, in value of your purchase and the applicable taxes.

It could take a couple of billing cycles for your credit to show up after processing your return. The processing time is dependent on the season. Be aware that it could take up to a week for your return package to be delivered to us. Read more information at Tracking Return.



It is important to note that purchases made on timberland.ca can’t be processed at the Timberland store or using the label provided above. They are to be returned with the return label included with the shipment. It must be returned to the address indicated on your packing slip. If you require the title of an order made through timberland.ca, go to help.timberland.ca.


Timberland RETURN by MAIL

Place the item(s) you wish to return in the original packaging inside the carton or box it was delivered.

If you don’t have the outer carton available, any container that can fit around the item(s) that isn’t allowing any movement would suffice.

If any original tags, packaging, or other items are not present, We will try our best to process your return without them.

Take off the bottom portion of the packing slip. Write down why you want to return and place it inside the box and the item(s) you wish to return.

If you didn’t have a packing slip with you, please copy the order confirmation email and put it in the box.

If you cannot print the mailer, you must add a note in the envelope with your complete name and order number, the item you wish to return, and the reasons for returning the item.

Place the return label for free on the box’s exterior, whether it’s a label or requires tape.

If you didn’t get a return label for free in your package or lost it, you can create one.



If you cannot print a return label, we’d be delighted to mail one to you. Contact us.

Make sure you keep your return label tracking number! Return labels for free are not connected to your purchase or are stored on file with Timberland.

A photograph of the brand attached to the outer edge of the container is a good procedure.

Tape the box tightly, take note of the tracking number for your return and drop your return at any of the following locations.

The fastest refund option is the Post Office (USPS) or the local postperson; the fastest refund option! FedEx Office, drop-box, or a pickup from your home (additional charges not covered by free returns).


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Below we share some FAQs related to the “Timberland Return Policy”

1〉 Are you able to trade old timberlands to acquire new ones?

Timberloop, the program set to launch today, will return worn-out boots and clothes to refurbish or recycle to make new items. The company is all about circularity.


2〉 What happens to stores’ the items that are returned to them?

Due to the expense associated with this procedure, many retailers trash returned items because it is typically cheaper than reselling them. Many items sold to stores are damaged or worn out, which impacts the sale price.


3〉 What does the word “unworn” mean in return?

They said they’d take it back so long as the item was in good condition and sellable. “Unworn” indicates that it is damaged or appears as if it’s been worn or used.


4〉 Can I return online Timberland in-store?

Yes, You can return online to Timberland in-store. They accept both mail and in-store return for online orders.


5〉 Does Timberland have a warranty?

Yes, Timberland offers 12 months warranty to be free of defects in material and workmanship from the original date of purchase.


6〉 Can I return the boots after wearing them?

No, you can not return them for refund or exchange if they are unworn in the original product packaging or you must have a receipt or invoice.




Please allow enough time for your return journey to the Timberland fulfillment center. The Timberland return policy time of arrival may differ based on the location you are in.

If they are approved, refunds will be made within 3 to 5 working days after receiving the refund, and you will be notified by email. According to your bank, the refund could require two working days to complete.


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