Bing Lee Return Policy in 2024 (Conditions, Online Purchase)

After purchasing any product from the Australian store chain Bing Lee.

If you realize that the product is not as your expectations.

Don’t worry; You can easily return products by knowing the Bing Lee Return Policy and its return instructions.

This policy outlines the situations in which Bing Lee Electrics Pty Limited (“Bing Lee””) will accept returned goods or services from clients.

Bing Lee’s sale of products will be governed by a variety of regulations but not restricted to the Australian Consumer Law.

If the goods do not meet your quality standards, you may also be allowed to have the goods repaired or replaced.



What is Bing Lee Return Policy?

Bing Lee maintains the rules that decide who is eligible for a return before accepting products as returns, considering the product situation and time limit.

For every item that a consumer wants to return, they must keep in mind the below conditions:

● Bing Lee wants to support documents as evidence like payment bills or receipts from Bing Lee.

● Products must be unused and acknowledge the terms and policy of equipment manuals, including remote controls, game controllers, power cords, cells, charger rechargeable batteries, networking cables, and other out-of-the-box extras.

● The manufacturer of the goods needs to maintain some terms and conditions of products to establish a return policy and determine the customer who qualifies in return. Bing Lee will try to obtain this evaluation within a reasonable time.


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What are the Bing Lee Return Policy Return Conditions?

Bing Lee Return Policy Return Conditions

Bing Lee will accept goods for return by this returns policy and only after assessment, like the product must be unused and good in condition. 

They are not allowed damaged or defective products. Bing Lee allows the goods to be eligible for a return that satisfies an ACL consumer guarantee or is covered by an express warranty period provided by Bing Lee.

The product’s manufacturer and the outcome are returned in line with the warranty’s terms.

Bing Lee will be in direct contact with you to arrange for the delivery of your goods after they have been fixed or when replacement goods are ready.

Products offered for repair might instead be replaced with substitute products of the same kind. 


What happens after Bing Lee accepts my returns?

When Bing Lee accepts goods for return the products meet the Bing Lee Return Policy, which favors the contrary. Below is some policy:

● Bing Lee allows the goods within a reasonable time frame, for the items are repaired or given an identical replacement; provide a complete refund for the goods.

● Bing Lee chooses the product that needs to be returned and gives a refund, proper replacement, one of a similar type, quality, and price.

● You can get compensation for any decrease in value based on the failure, or Bing Lee agrees to repair the items; and if an express guarantee protects the item. Bing Lee may repair, replace, or refund the item in line with the express warranty.

● You must deliver the goods back to Bing Lee if you return items you bought from Bing Lee in line with the ACL.

If returning the items as required by the ACL would be expensive for you, you may contact Bing Lee to pick up the items.

● If products are approved for repair, Bing Lee will execute the repairs on time. All repairs will be made under the ACL’s guidelines.

● Depending on how you originally paid for the items, your refund may be sent via credit card, check, EFT, or PayPal if you qualify for one under the ACL.


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What products does Bing Lee not accept as a return?

Bing Lee Return Policy product not accept as a return

The following goods are not returnable, except as allowed by the ACL or other applicable consumer protection laws or regulations:

● Installation of electronic software 

● subscriptions to updated software services;

● software that has been opened when the relevant license has been used, copied, or revealed;

● Rechargeable cards and gift cards that have been used or have expired.

Open software cannot be returned unless mandated by the ACL or other applicable consumer protection laws or regulations because the program was sealed. You need to read the rules and regulations of the software license before use. 


Bing Lee Return Policy for online purchases?

This Returns Plan specifies the procedure for returning goods you’ve ordered from Bing Lee online, with the additional condition that you first receive a Tracking Number (“TN”) to verify your goods.

When returning goods you bought online from Bing Lee‘s website. You should call our customer service department at 1300 609 228.

They will provide you with a TN and tell you where to send the goods so they can be evaluated to see if they qualify for a return.



In today’s world, buyers are more concerned than before. They think twice about buying any product from any brand.

And therefore, they always prefer to check whether the brand has a strong return policy or not.

Bing lee has a self-made return policy for all their customers, so they can continue a robust relationship with their customers worldwide.


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