Meshki Return Policy in 2024 (Process, Conditions, Fee)

Meshki is an online shopping company where people love to shop for special occasions or events.

The products are fashionable and affordable at the same time, and that’s why not only people from Australia don’t purchase items using them but also people from the USA, UK, etc., love shopping from Meshki.

But when there are so many people who shop at Meshki, that is why there will be return requests as well.

So, that’s why when the customers try to return the Meshki items, they get confused or do not have proper information about it.

And that is why to help you out with that, this article about Meshki Return Policy is here.



What is Meshki Return Policy?

Day by Day, Meshki is gaining great popularity among its customers.

You can purchase classy and interesting fashion from this online shopping platform.

But if you want to return your Meshki Clothing, then there is a return policy that you should know about,

According to the Meshki Return Policy,

If you are willing to return the product, then it has to be within the first 30 days of purchase.

The tag should be intact at the time of the return of the Meshki item.

If the purchased item has any stain marks or is used, then the item cannot be returned.

The product should not have any order of perfume, powder, stain, etc.

Then if you are returning a bodysuit or swimwear in that case, the hygiene sticker must stay intact.

When returning the product, you must possess proof of purchase Etc.

There are major rules for the return policy at Meshki; without fulfilling these criteria, you can’t return your Meshki item.


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What is the Meshki Return Policy Process?

Meshki Return Policy Process

You usually go through a process when you want to return your Meshki Clothing or accessories.

When you want to return the Meshki item to start the process, you must return it through the return portal from the Meshki website.

Then when the return is accepted, you must courier the product by paying an $8.95 return fee.

And if the damages are because of the store, they will pay the return cost.

Then the products are checked to see if they’re in good condition, and when the process is approved, you’ll get your refund as store credit.

And you should remember that all the returns must be done within 30 days.

You can also return your Meshki Clothing from international. So, after purchasing the item from Australia, you can wear it in the USA.

But to return those items, you must follow the above instructions using Meshki’s return portal.


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What are the Meshki Return Conditions?

Meshki Return Policy Conditions

If you are willing to return your Meshki product, then there are a few things you must have in your mind,

At the time of return, you must do it from Meshki’s return portal, as apart from that, they don’t accept returns.

The return must be made within the first 30 days of purchase.

The tag must stay intact.

The product has to be clean and unused with no odor, mark, etc.

The company won’t accept the product if the hygiene sticker is gone.


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What products does Meshki not accept as a return?

Meshki mostly accepts returns of all their items, but a few exceptions can’t be accepted for returns.

If you are trying to return your bodysuit or swimwear, it is impossible if you don’t have the hygiene sticker on the product anymore.

Then also, due to hygiene issues, Meshki doesn’t accept earrings for return.


Apart from that, returning the item is also a concern if the customer damages the product.


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Does Meshki have free returns?

No matter how much you enjoy free product return but unfortunately, in Meshki, you don’t have the facility of free return.

You must pay an $8.95 return fee while returning the item at the Meshki Wearhouse. Also, the sea can be higher for international returns than domestic ones.

But Meshki only pays for the return fee at the courier service when the company, not the customer, causes the product defects. 


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What is Meshki Return Policy for Faulty Products & Damage Items?

Faulty or damaged products are not something that occurs at Meshki everything.

But still, if there is a faulty product to the customer, the company then sends a complaint to the ID [email protected].

When the item is returned, the Meshki company will pay for the courier fee.

And if a customer does the damage, Meshki won’t accept the damaged items. 


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How Much time will it take to get my refund from Meshki?

When we can’t have the Meshki product for some reason and want to return it, then you expect the refund as soon as possible.

But when you send the item, it takes almost 3-5 days to reach the Warehouse, and after that, if everything is fine, you will get your refund as store credit within weeks.


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