Wells Fargo Money Order in 2024 (Cost, Comparison, Limit)

Sending fees or bills through money orders is still something that many people prefer to use.

And where so many different types of money order services are available, using Wells Fargo money order has its benefits.

Also, the low-cost fee and fast service are something everyone prefers in finance.

So to understand how Wells Fargo works and how it’s better than other Bank’s money orders, this article about Wells Fargo money orders is here.



How to Purchase a Wells Fargo Money Order?

Wells Fargo Money Order Purchase

Wells Fargo money order recently got quite a much popularity. But the thing is, as many money order services are available, people get confused about which is the best. But if you want to purchase a Wells F money order, then the process is easy.

First, you have to visit your nearest Wells Fargo location, then from there, go to the money service counter and ask the employee if you are willing to purchase a Wells money order.

Then you have to show your government-issued identity, and using your debit card or cash; you have to purchase the Wells Fargo money order. 

After purchasing the money order, you have to fill in all the required information, and after it’s done, keep the original receipt to yourself and send the money order through mail or in person. 


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What is Wells Fargo Money Order Cost?

As we already know, money orders have become one of the most reliable methods of paying bills, rent, etc.

And as Wells Fargo is a reputed Bank with money order services, many people prefer going to Wells Fargo for the money order.

But when you have a Checking account at the Wells Fargo bank, the money order service gets simpler, and the fees are low.

So let’s determine how much you must pay for a money order based on your Wells Fargo Checking account. 

The first checking account you can use is the Clear Access Banking account, which manages money for teens and students. You must pay around $5 for each Wells Fargo money order there.

Then Everyday Checking accounts are best for digital transactions; you also have to pay $5 for each Wells F money order.

A Prime Checking account is great for people who are taking new loans and want to reduce interest. You must pay nothing for this account to purchase a Wells F money order.

Finally, the Premiere Checking account, this checking account is for premium services, the best benefits, and discounts. You don’t have to pay anything for this account to purchase a Wells Fargo money order


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Comparison with Wells Fargo Money Order Fee with Other Banks?

Wells Fargo Money Order Compaired with other banks

As said before, there are many money order services available all around the US, and to determine which one is great and the most affordable, here is a comparison between Wells Fargo and other Banks based on the money order fee structure,

● In Chase Bank, on premium checking accounts, the money order fee is $0, and in regular checking accounts, the fee for Chase Bank money order is $5

● In Citibank, for a premium checking account, the money order fee is $0, and for a regular checking account, the fee is $5.

● If you don’t have a bank account at TD bank or are not a premium member, then you have to pay $5 for a money order, and with a premium checking account, it’s $0.

● At Santander bank, regular customers or account holders must also pay a $5 fee for each money order.

● In Region bank, if you need a money order, you must pay the $2 fee for each money order.

● At US Bank, based on the premium account, you must pay $0 for the Money order but a $5 fee for guests and other account holders.

Capital One, the money order fee is between $1 to $5.

● In Fifth Third Bank, the fee for money orders is generally $1, but based on the services, the fee can be higher. 

● Then at M&T bank, for money order purchases, you have to pay around $6 for each money order.

Truist Bank, if you are a bank customer, you have to pay $5 for each money order, but for non-customers, if fee is $10.

● In PNC Bank, if you want to purchase a money order, the fee is $5, and as an account holder, the fee can be low.

● At BMO Harris Bank, the money order purchase fee is also $5 for a maximum limit of $1000 money order.


So as you can see, in most banks, the Money order fee is $5. Wells Fargo also follows the same method: for Wells Fargo premium checking account holders, the money order fee is $0. For non-customers and regular Account holders, the fee for a money order is $5. 


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What should I do if my Wells Fargo Money Order is Lost or stolen?

We can’t help it no matter how cautious we are, or due to some other work, we quite often misplace things, and the Wells Fargo money order is one of them, and when someone notices a money order lying around at the house, then there is a chance someone might have stolen it. 

So if your Wells F money order is lost or stolen, then to prevent losing all the money, contact Wells Fargo customer service number 1-800-869-3557.

After that, you should complain and make a police report, and it will help lock your Wells Fargo money order so that no one can cash it. 

After that, if you are taking account holder at Wells Fargo Bank, then there is a chance that no one procession fee will be taken from you.

Still, if you are a customer outside the Wells Fargo Bank, you may have to pay a non-refundable processing fee but to know that, you should contact Wells Fargo Bank and visit any of them.


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How to track a Wells Fargo Money Order?

Wells Fargo Money Order Tracking

When you have to pay a bill, you send the person or company a Wells Fargo money order then to make sure you would like to track or not the status of your money order.

But Wells Fargo doesn’t have any proper method to track money orders, but if you need any help, you can contact 1-800-869-3557, Wells Fargo’s customer service number.

And also, you should call the person to whom you sent the money order to get confirmation whether they received the Wells F money order or not. 

But if you have confusion and second thoughts about whether sending Wells Fargo money order through the mail is safe or not, in that case, you can also give the money order to the recipient in person.


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What is Wells Fargo Money Order Limit?

Well, it’s important to limit money orders so that no one takes advantage of or misuses money order services. And also, even if someone gets stolen, then losing a big amount of money is something everyone tries to avoid.

So that’s why to avoid any incident like that, the maximum amount limit Wells Fargo allows is $1000 for each money order. 

Now if you need to pay more than $1000 for a bill or rent, you must purchase another Wells Fargo money order.

For example, if you must pay $1200, you must purchase two Wells F money orders. One is worth $1000; another is $200, or you can balance it. 


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How do avoid Wells Fargo Money Order Scams & Fraud?

In the present world, we can’t deny the fact that scanning is increasing day by day, and for those who don’t understand much about Wells Fargo Money orders, there is a chance of getting scammed. But There are many ways to understand and avoid scams, 

First, when you purchase a Wells Fargo money order, don’t purchase it from an unauthorized place; go to your nearest Wells Fargo Bank and ask for a money order.

Then If you are sending a Wells Fargo money order to someone you don’t know in person or a company you don’t have much information about, don’t mention your account number in the money order, or you can also avoid using a money order as well.

If someone receives a check or overpayment fee for any goods or services using a money order, then don’t accept, or if you accept, at least go to the Bank directly to verify the source. 

These are only a few examples of understanding Wells F money order scams. But with proper understanding and guidance, you can easily avoid these unnecessary issues.


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Is Wells Fargo Money Order worth it?

As there are so many money order services available, choosing a particular service time causes second thoughts about whether that particular Money Order service is worth it or not. 

In the case of a money order from Wells Fargo, it’s worth it, but you must have a checking account at the Wells Fargo Bank.

Because it helps you utilize the benefits you get from the bank account. When you are on a checking account based on the qualification of your checking account at Wells Fargo, the money order purchasing amount gets $0.

So through this, no matter how many times you purchase a money order from Wells Fargo, it will always be free of cost for you as a checking account holder.

But if you don’t have a Checking account at Wells Fargo Bank and you are a new customer at this place, then you can use other money order services as Wells Fargo can’t provide you with special benefits.

Also, the limit at this Bank is also same as other banks, so if you want, you can use other services like USPS, Walmart, etc. 


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