Boll and Branch Return Policy in 2024 (Online, Limitation)

Before purchasing any product from Boll and Brunch, you must know Boll and Branch Return Policy. Everyone loves decorating their room and beds with beautiful sheets when it’s organic and good for your family.

You can feel comfort from within, and the brand Boll and Branch is all about that. This brand is about authentic and organic bed sheets, towels, etc.

But the problem arises when you like the item but can’t keep the product for some reason. In that case, returning it is the best option, but to do that, you must be aware of the Boll and Branch return policy.



What is Boll and Branch Return Policy?

Boll and Branch is a company that creates high-quality bed sheets and other covers for your bedroom. And not only that, but you can also purchase bath towels, duvet sets, etc.

And all of them are made with 100% organic toxin-free materials and methods. But even though the company is confident about its products still for customers, due to the size, color, or other reasons, have to return the product they purchased, and for that, there is a return policy that they must follow.

● If you want to return the Boll and Branch product, then you have to return it within the first 30 days of purchase.
● The Boll and Branch return item has to be in perfect condition, unused, and undamaged.
● At the time of Return, the product must have its original packaging.
● At the time of Boll and Branch product return, you don’t have to pay a return fee or shipping fee.


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What is the Boll and Branch Return Policy Process?

Boll and Branch Return Policy for Online & In-store

Boll and Branch is a great company, and people love to purchase products from there for their homes. If the customers decide to return the item for some reason behind, to successfully return it, they have to follow a process,

Return Policy for In-store Purchase

Boll and Branch is mostly an online best company, but there are still many stores from where you can purchase any Boll and Branch item you need. If you want to return the item, you can visit the store, return the product, and get your refund.


Return Policy for Online Purchase

And if you purchase the item online, then you don’t have to do much, and the process is quite easy as well, so to return the Boll and Branch item through mail, 

● First, you need to go through the Boll and Branch product return page

● Then, on the page, enter your email ID and order number, and after that, click the ‘start return’ option.

● On the next page, you have to select the item you want to return and follow the on-screen instructions shown on the page.

● Then checkbox thoroughly checks that you added all the items you want to return.

● After that, you have to tap the “Complete My Return” button.

● After that, download the UPS shipping label and print it. 

● Then stick it on the box where all the Boll and Branch return items are carefully packed.

● At the end of the process, drop the return package at the nearest UPS drop box.


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What products can’t be returned at Boll and Branch?

As the Boll and Branch Company sales bed sheets and other covering items that are; why if the customer isn’t satisfied with the item, then they accept all the products for returns except the item that is purchased using the Boll and Branch gift card and international purchases

Apart from that, if the returned Boll and Branch item is damaged, used, has any stain, etc. In that case, the product will not get accepted.


What is the Boll and Branch Return Policy Limitation?

If you need to return any Boll and Brand item, you can easily do that whenever you need. If you purchased a Boll and Branch item and are facing any issues, the company has no limitation that won’t allow the customers to return the item when they can’t have or use it. 


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Can I return items to Boll and Branch without a receipt?

Boll and Branch Return Policy without receipt

The Boll and Branch company is known for its online services, but they also have stores in many locations. So if you return the online purchased item in that case, you want to require a receipt.

But if you are returning a store-bought Boll and Branch item, in that case, having a receipt is important, and if you need proper guidance, you can contact Boll and Branch store near your or at the Boll and Branch customer service number 800-678-3234 or send a mail at [email protected]


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What is Boll and Branch Refund Policy?

The Boll and Branch refund method is quite simple, but still important to know the refund policy. So, when you successfully return the Boll and Branch product, then,

● After the product is returned, refund processing will take 5 to 10 business days.

● You will get your refund at the original method of payment.

● Then, if the Boll and Branch item was purchased using a gift card and another payment method as a refund, you would receive a gift card from Boll and Branch.



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