Dunhams Return Policy in 2024 (Return Detail)

Dunham takes utmost care to make the customers happy at any cost.

They do not want to leave scope for the customers to complain.

They always try to provide premium quality products without any defects.

But sometimes, they make mistakes.

That is why they have come up with this potential Dunhams Return Policy that can fulfill all the customers’ requirements regarding their return or exchange. 

Dunham’s is a well-known sporting goods retail chain in America.

Ron Dunham set up this company in 1937 in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

The headquarters of this company is situated in Troy, Michigan, in the United States.

This company’s stores are mostly located in the Midwestern to the Southeastern United States.

This article will allow you to learn more about Dunhams Return Policy.



What is Dunhams Return Policy?

A return policy is a guideline that shows how to return a product, whether purchased from a store or online.

A return policy is beneficial for the customers as well as the company.

As per the return policy, you can send back your purchase if you are not completely happy or satisfied with it.

Not only that, the company is responsible for providing you with a refund or a replacement product in exchange for your return. 

Dunhams Return Policy has imaginable benefits.

The return policy states that customers can return the product directly to the brand if they are unhappy with the product purchased from Dunham’s.

The brand promises to give your money back.

You may also choose a replacement for the product as per your choice. 

A good return policy always attracts customers.

When a customer purchases any product online, they fear thinking about what would happen if the product is defective or they do not like it.

Therefore Dunham’s has introduced this return policy which is very potential and easy to access so that the customers may have a hassle-free return or exchange experience.

A receipt is mandatory for a return and an exchange from Dunham’s.

The return should be processed within the given timeframe, which is on or before 60 days from the date of purchase.

The product must be unworn and unused to qualify for a return to exchange. 


What are the requirements for Dunhams returns?

Dunhams Return Policy Requirments

The following things are the requirements of Dunham’s returns: 

● If you do not have the receipt, they will provide no refund or no store credit. If a defective product was delivered to you, they would provide the contact of the manufacturer. 

● For a successful return, the receipt of Dunham’s is essential. The return has to be initiated within 60 days from the date of purchase. The receipt is the proof of purchase. 

● Dunham’s ticket must be intact with every product you are returning. 

● You must pack the item in its original packaging, including all the accessories. 

● The product you are returning must be new and unused. Signs of use must not be detected in the product. Otherwise, they will not accept the return. 

● If you have received a defective product, they will provide a replacement or respect the manufacturer’s warranty. 

● For returns, you must provide a valid driver’s license or State ID. 


How can I exchange items with Dunhams?

Dunhams Return Policy for Exchange

Dunham’s provides a very convenient exchange policy. If you want to initiate an exchange, call customer service at (833) 800-5906. You should know that you might have to pay a 29% sticking fee for some items. 

To get the exchange confirmation, you always have to maintain the conditions told in their return policy. Exchange is not allowed for another product. You can only get the alternative of a similar item. The color or size can be altered.


What are Dunhams non-returnable items?

The list of the non-returnable items of Dunham’s are as follows: 

● Firearms

● Ammunition

● Gift Cards

● Swimsuits

● All Undergarments, including athletic supporters

● Worn Footwear

● Bats

● Boats and Motors

● Opened tents, screen houses, or dining canopies

● Labor and/or Assembly/Installations and extended warranties

● Dunham strictly prohibits accepting the returns of some opened items. 


What is required to exchange Dunhams Items?

The following things are required to exchange Dunham’s items: 

● Having a receipt is mandatory for an exchange. 

● The exchange process must be started within 60 days from the date of purchase. 

● The product must be returned with all the tickets intact, and the accessories must be included in the package. 

● The product must be new and unused in condition.

● A driver’s license or state ID will be required to qualify for an exchange. 



Dunhams Return Policy helps reduce the customers’ stress so that they can shop freely without having any confusion in their minds.

The key factor that should always be kept in mind is the return timeframe. We have provided everything you need to know about the return policy of Dunham


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