Hudson Bay Return Policy in 2023 (Updated)

What is the Hudson Bay Return policy? The Bay offers a simple return policy with a limit of 90 days for furniture, mattresses, and major appliances. This is less than the period for patio furniture and Home Electronics. The lowest price will be refunded if you return without a receipt. Since there is no time limit, the price difference can be significant (e.g., boxing day sale price).


What is the Hudson Bay Return Policy Statement?

Hudson Bay Return Policy

  • We are returning or exchanging items.
  • Your original receipt must be included with your returned item to process your refund. All returned items must be in the original condition to be eligible for a refund.
  • Merchandise may be returned up to
  • 90 days if purchased using an Hbc Visa Credit Card or MasterCard
  • 60-days guarantee for furniture, mattresses, and major appliances.
  • 30-days to Home Electronics.
  • Mattress returns may be subject to a disposal fee or restocking fee.
  • Merchandise may be exchanged or returned 30 days after purchase with another tender type. The refund amount will be applied back to the original tender.
  • The refund amount will be applied to a Hbc gift card after 30 days and up to 60 days.
  • Returns and exchanges of merchandise without a receipt will be refunded to Hbc Gift Cards at the lowest price. We need your name, address, and telephone number to audit.
  • A valid photo ID might be required.
  • Price adjustments will be made within seven days of purchase using a receipt.
  • Returns of merchandise with a gift receipt will be reimbursed on an Hbc gift card.
  • After the allowed return period, exchanges or refunds are not allowed.



You can return your purchase if you are unhappy with it and request an exchange. Please call 1-800-521-2364 with the original order number. We will gladly replace your order. Shipping costs for the new order will not be added to your bill.

For more information and exceptions, please visit the store.

The Bay offers Easy Returns to its customers if they are unsatisfied with their purchase. Easy Returns at The Bay allows you to return or exchange your purchase at any Bay location, provided the merchandise remains in its original packaging. Proof of purchase must also be presented. ” The Bay website

You can return your purchase with the original packaging to Hudson’s Bay stores or send it back to us with proof of purchase. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed after the return period.


Hudson Bay 14-Day Return Policy

Large items available through but not eligible for in-home delivery may be returned within *14 Days for a refund to the original tender. These items are final sale after 14 days. Items purchased with a Hudson’s Bay Mastercard or Hudson’s Bay Credit Card are subject to a 14-day return policy.

Before making your purchase, ask your associate if your item is eligible for return/exchange.


Hudson Bay 30-Day Return Policy

Parcel Delivery standard-sized merchandise may be returned within *30 days after purchase to receive a refund.


90 Day with Hudson’s Bay Credit

You can get a full refund if you bought standard-size merchandise using a Hudson’s Bay Credit Card, Hudson’s Bay Mastercard, or Hudson’s Bay Mastercard within *90 days.

Non-Medical Facial Masks

All sales of non-medical facial masks are final.

Baby Gear

All baby gear must be returned in its original packaging and unopened. All sales of breast pumps and car seats are final.

Jewellery & Home Electronics

Home electronics and jewelry may not be returned after 30 days. After that time, they are considered final sales.


Hudson Bay Return Policy Without Receipt

Hudson Bay Return Policy Without Receipt

Exchanges and refunds are not allowed after the return period or without original receipt.

Final Sale: Clearance Items Reduced to 0.96 Cents. Swimwear and underwear (when hygiene liner has been removed), car seats and breast pumps, as well as face and neck coverings.


What is the Hudson bay return policy after 90 days?

What is The Bay’s return policy for 90 days? This is a question that many of our readers frequently ask. We’ve got your back.

Hudson Bay (also known as ‘the Bay’) is a major Canadian department store specializing exclusively in fashion accessories and clothing.

The company has a very lenient return policy. However, customers who have not been satisfied after 90 days will be refunded.

What is The Bay’s return policy? Hudson Bay will not accept returns after the 90 days have expired. Customers who bring their receipts are also not allowed to return items. Hudson Bay’s return policy is decent, but you can probably find better elsewhere.

There are many details that Hudson Bay can accept as returns, including when and what items you can return. We will discuss these details here.

You can return your items to Hudson Pay without penalty if you follow Hudson Bay’s return policies.

Hudson Bay

Only those who purchased their items online with an HBC Credit Card or a MasterCard at a Hudson Bay physical location are eligible for the 90-day return policy.

However, not everyone has a MasterCard or HBC, so these options will be less available.

14-day returns: Two-week returns are allowed on all furniture, appliances, and BBQ grills.

Returns within 30 Days: standard merchandise typically fall under this category. This includes clothing, consumer electronics, and jewelry.


90-Day Refunds: This applies to all merchandise except that it must have come with a MasterCard Credit Card or HBC Credit Card.

The 30-day window is where most returns are received. This is because Hudson Bay’s stock, and its customers, will be in the majority.

Many items fall within the 14-day return policy. However, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, it is essential to check the eligibility for return quickly.

Hudson Bay won’t accept returns without receipts.

They don’t have an official way to track customer purchases, so it’s not worth trying to have your purchase recalled.

Hudson Bay will also refuse to accept returns for items purchased at clearance prices, regardless of receipt. Some of these items may not be marked as clearance because Hudson Bay must define what the term ‘clearance’ really means.

Hudson Bay says, “A clearance price is a price reduction from the original price, and the item won’t return to its original value.” So even though you may not see a label indicating that something is on clearance, it is still possible to return it if the price has been reduced from the market value.

All the Hudson Bay returns policy stipulations apply to online purchases. It’s easier to track your receipt if you buy an item online. You will receive an email confirmation.

If you plan to return anything to Hudson Bay, these documents should be printed.

Hudson Bay Returns

Although it is pretty simple to return items to Hudson Bay, there are several steps you should take to make it happen.

You can mail merchandise or items back to Hudson Bay or take the inventory to a Hudson Bay shop.


Hudson Bay Return Policy For In-store Purchase

Hudson Bay Return Policy Without Receipt

Hudson Bay is the most accessible place to return your items. However, in-store returns require that tags be attached to the things you bring back.

  • Hudson Bay will not accept returns if the tags have been removed since your purchase.
  • Locate the nearest Hudson Bay Store: (
  • Get the receipt and purchase details for the item.
  • If you don’t have the original receipt, bring the gift receipt or order invoice.
  • Identification is required
  • Upon arrival, provide your name, address, and telephone number to the customer service representative.
  • Hudson Bay will handle your exchange or return from here.

Hudson Bay will require all the information and documents listed above. You won’t be able complete an exchange or return without this information.


Hudson Bay Return Policy For Online Purchase

Email is the best way to return online orders. To retrieve your order information online, you will need to visit the Hudson Bay Website.

  • Log on to Hudson Bay’s website to retrieve your order number.
  • To prove that your order is complete, print a packaging slip online.
  • In your return package, include your order confirmation and order history.
  • Wrap the item with your details
  • Please take a copy of your packaging slip and attach it to the package.
  • Select your shipping provider and pay shipping costs
  • Please send it back and wait approximately two weeks for your refund to be processed.
  • This will happen quickly if you purchase your HBC Credit Card online. It will be refunded to your account directly.
  • Tracking your order is possible by registering for this feature in the mail service you used to send the item.

Hudson Bay will usually take seven business days to process your refund once the item has been received.

Returns are not accepted for items that include:

  • Use or open
  • Incorrect serial number or UPC
  • Special orders (returned at our discretion)
  • Returns are accepted up to 30 days after the date of delivery.
  • Returned without notice



Below we share some FAQs related to the question of “Hudson Bay Return Policy”

Is Hudson’s Bay offering free shipping?

Yes. Yes, Hudson’s Bay offers free shipping as of – For more information, please visit the discussion thread.


Is Hudson’s Bay offering free returns & exchanges?

Yes. Yes, Hudson’s Bay offers free returns as of January 10, 2022. For more information, please visit the discussion thread.


Is international shipping available from Hudson’s Bay?

No. No. For more information, please refer to the whole discussion.

Hudson’s Bay offers curbside pickup.

Yes. Hudson’s Bay offers in-store pickup as of January 10, 2022. For more information, please visit the discussion thread.


What is the return policy of Hudson Bay?

If you are unhappy with your purchase, for whatever reason, the item can be returned the item in its original packing in one of the Hudson’s Bay stores or returned to our warehouse along with the proof of the purchase. Refunds and exchanges will not be allowed after the period for returns or without the original receipt.


What time do I need to return an item?

between 28 and 30 days

If a retailer has an exchange policy, you’ll generally be allowed between 28 and 30 to 28-30 days to return the item to receive either a refund or an exchange.


What is the 30 Day Return policy?

For example, 30 days could mean you must return the item within 30 days of buying the item. Also, it could take 30 days for you to avail of discounts or promotions within the shop.



I have tried to list out all the information about the Hudson Bay Return Policy. Hope in the entire article you got your target point. 

Hudson Bay has a reasonable return policy. It is pretty restrictive in certain areas, but less so if your purchase is made with an HBC Credit Card or MasterCard.

You can only return items purchased with these cards for an entire 90-day period. All other returns are two weeks to one month, with some exceptions.


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