Fitbit Return Policy in 2024 (With Full Detailed)

After purchasing Fitbit watches from the Fitbit. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can easily return it by knowing the Fitbit Return Policy.

Who doesn’t like owning some cool Fitbit bands in the fitness world that can detect and track all the physical activity for you?

Now, people from all different places worldwide have started to purchase Fitbit. It is a good investment that will significantly help people’s fitness journey.

But no matter how amazing Fitbit is for the customers, there are still cases of a return due to styling, color, or model issues.

So, as a customer of Fitbit, if you are unsatisfied with the product, it’s essential to know how to return it. This article about Fitbit’s return policy is here as your guide.



Fitbit Return Policy

All over the world, Fitbit is one of the most trusted and preferred fitness bands.

The Fitbit thoroughly shows all the physical activities, heart rate, calories, and other fitness-related elements.

That’s why people have at least one Fitbit in their watch collection.

However, even though the customers love everything about Fitbit, there are still cases related to styling or any other reason customers sometimes want to return the Fitbit product.

In that case, it’s essential to know about Fitbit’s return policies, as without them, there would be consequences that the customers would have to face. So, to return the Fitbit item,

●    The Fitbit item has to be returned within the first 45 days of purchase.

●    The Fitbit product has to be unused, undamaged, and in a resalable condition.

●    The original packaging and accessories should be intact on the Fitbit item.

●    If, for some reason, the customer couldn’t fulfill these above return policies, then Fitbit has the right to deny the return or charge 15% restocking for the returned Fitbit item.


Fitbit Return Policy for In-store Purchases

Fitbit Return Policy for In-store Purchases

In the US, many Fitbit shops are available, and all the people who are into fitness and like to track their activities thoroughly purchase Fitbit for themselves.

Not only that, Fitbit is a great thing to give to someone as a gift. And for that, purchasing it from the store is easy and time-saving.

Now, if you are not satisfied with the Fitbit services or there is any other reason why you want to return the Fitbit, then return the Fitbit item in-store,

●    First, visit your nearest Fitbit store. 

●    Go to the Fitbit customer service counter or any employee and ask them if you want to return your Fitbit band. 

●    Provide the original Fitbit payment receipt and other required documents or information.

●    After that, if your Fitbit product is eligible for return and follows all the necessary policies, then Fitbit will accept the product for return.


Fitbit Return Policy for Online Purchases

Fitbit Return Policy for Online Purchases

Fitbit is a handy item to keep track of workout and fitness activities.

And the thing is, customers, most of the time, order Fitbit through online methods or the website, as when the wake-up call for fitness starts ringing, the first thing people order is a Fitbit.

However, suppose the fitness dedication wears off, or the customer no longer needs the Fitbit band in case of online purchase orders.

In that case, the customers can easily return it through the mail. So, to return Fitbit through the mail,


●    First visit the Fitbit US Website and log into your account

●    Then you can find the return portal, or you can click on the Fitbit link

●    Enter your Fitbit order number and billing zip code at the Fitbit return page and then select next.

●    After that, complete the return process for the Fitbit item.

●    After that, pack the Fitbit item perfectly and use bubble wrap so there is no chance of damage. 

●    Include the return authorization number at the time of returning the Fitbit item. 

●    Then, stick the Fitbit return label at the side of the top of the package.

●    And drop the return item at the courier service office.


Does Fitbit offer free returns?

Unfortunately, at Fitbit, no free return services are available for the customers. It’s true nowadays.

Most companies started providing free return shipping to customers.

However, Fitbit is very professional about its services, and to keep everything organized and simple, the customers must pay the return shipping amount while sending Fitbit to the company.

When people purchase a Fitbit for themselves, they are very hopeful for the activity tracking and other fitness-related benefits.

But for some reason, when the customer returns the Fitbit item, then paying for the shipping charges is something the customer dislikes.

But for Fitbit company, it’s impossible to afford the return shipping cost. 


How long does it take to receive a refund from Fitbit?

Fitbit Refund Policy

After sending the Fitbit item to the company, the customer should be able to track the location of the order.

After the Fitbit has reached the company, Fitbit gets checked thoroughly to verify whether the product is eligible for return.

Only after getting a proper verification will the refund be generated.

It will take around 5 to 12 business days to complete the whole process. 

The customers will receive the full Fitbit product refund through the original payment method.

But the Shipping charges, handling fees, taxes, etc., for returning the Fitbit aren’t refundable.

But for some reason, if the customer still needs to receive the Fitbit refund within the period, they should contact Fitbit customer service. 


What is Fitbit Return Policy for Damaged/defective items?

Generally, customers never get a damaged Fitbit product, mainly because Fitbit, being a part of Google, always ensures that the customers are getting the best service possible.

As a result, while sending the product, the customer, Fitbit company, wraps the product thoroughly.

Still, somehow, due to any issue with Shipping, if the customer has received a damaged item from Fitbit, then it’s essential that they contact Fitbit customer service through the number (877) 623-4997 or send an email to [email protected] if the customer wants they can start a live chat from the support page by clicking into the Fitbit link

And soon enough, within 15 days, Fitbit company will resolve the customer problem. And still, if there is some issue, then the customer can easily visit a Fitbit store.


Can I cancel an order and receive a refund from Fitbit?

Well, a Fitbit is a great product to own, but sometimes, after ordering it, the customers feel like they may need to meet the product in the future.

And in some cases, the customer ordered the Fitbit item to the wrong address. In such a situation, canceling the Fitbit order became necessary. 

Unfortunately, no significant method or process is available to cancel the Fitbit order through the website or app.

That’s why to cancel the item, it will be better to contact Fitbit customer service as soon as possible at (877) 623-4997 or [email protected].

If you take too long to cancel the order, it would require a cancellation fee. 

Also, to cancel the Fitbit membership, contacting the Fitbit customer service is better.


Can I exchange the Fitbit product instead of return?

Unfortunately, at this moment, Fitbit doesn’t provide the exchange service.

There are a variety of Fitbit bands available, and based on the design and budget, the customer can choose the Fitbit they want to purchase.

If the customer wants an updated Fitbit to purchase, in that case, they try to exchange the Fitbit. 

But at Fitbit company, the exchange of the product is not available.

That’s why the customers can return the product to the company and then wait for that refund. And then order the desired Fitbit. 



Below we share some FAQs

How long do I have to return a Fitbit item?

If any customer wants to return the Fitbit item to the company, they have 45 days to return the product.

After that, the Fitbit company may not accept the product for return or charge extra for free.


How do I return a Product to the Fitbit?

Customers can return Fitbit items both through mail or at the store.

However, the customer must have the original payment receipt of the Fitbit purchase.


Does Fitbit offer international returns?

The demand for Fitbit is worldwide; as a result, Fitbit has its services available in all the different places in the world, so to purchase it, the customer can visit their local Fitbit store or go through the website.

There is no reason for international returns of Fitbit.


Can I return the Fitbit gift item for the Fitbit?

Yes, customers can return Fitbit gift items, but knowing about the order number is essential.

If there is any other concern, the customer should contact Fitbit customer service. 


Does Fitbit provide a full refund of the returned item?

Yes, the customers received the total product refund for the Fitbit return.

If there is any issue with the packaging or the product, Fitbit has the right to deny the product return or charge a 15% restocking fee.

Also, the Shipping, handling, tax, and gift packing charges are not refundable at Fitbit.


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