ILIA Return Policy in 2024 (Full Detailed)

If you are not satisfied with your ILIA purchase, you can easily return it by knowing the ILIA Return Policy.

Makeup and skin care products are allowed by everyone, and ILIA is a company that was created to provide the best quality makeup and skin care products for clean beauty.

Understanding that thousands of customers go for ILIA makeup and skin care products for the organic and healthy process.

Still, there can be situations related to the wrong shade, item, or any other reason the customer sometimes tries to return the ILIA products.

But to do that, it’s important to know about the ILIA return policy and its methods, as without knowing and following these steps, returning ILIA products won’t be possible.

This article about ILIA’s return policy is here as a guide.



What is the ILIA Return Policy?

Finding a trustworthy and good quality makeup or skin care product is hard in the market.

But recently, ILIA has gained huge popularity among women for its good quality and high range of makeup and skincare items for different skin types.

But sometimes things go wrong, and if a customer orders the wrong shade of makeup or doesn’t need the makeup anymore, then it’s better to return the items, and for that, there is a return policy that customers need to follow.

The customer has to return the ILIA item within 60 days of purchase

● The product should not be damaged or used, etc.

● The customer should have the original packaging of the ILIA item.


ILIA Return Policy for In-store Purchases

ILIA Return Policy for In-store Purchases

Well, for many people, purchasing makeup or skincare products through the online platform gets a little confusing.

In that case, There are many beauty stores where customers can purchase ILIA items.

But the customer can return ILIA for that at the store only if it’s also purchased from the store. So, to return the ILIA item,

● Visit the store from where you purchased the ILIA from 

● They go to the employee and tell them that you want to return or exchange your ILIA item 

● Then, show them the original ILIA receipts and provide your details and other information as required.

● After that, if the order is eligible for return, then ILIA will accept the item.


ILIA Return Policy for Online Purchases

ILIA Return Policy for Online Purchases

For online purchases, it’s easier to make mistakes, but by purchasing makeup online, you can check out all the different products and shades, and it also gets delivered to your home.

But when things go wrong for some reason, then it’s better to return the ILIA item, 

● Go to the ILIA website and log in to your profile 

● On the website, visit the ILIA order details page

● From there, go to the ILIA return page, or you can click on the ILIA link

● Then, enter your ILIA order number and shipping zip code and start your return process.

● Then wrap the ILIA product thoroughly, and then at the packaging, stick the return label 

● Then, send the item back to the ILIA company.


What is the ILIA Return Policy on Final Sale Items?

Customers like sales, and ILIA knows about this, so that’s why ILIA often has some sort of sale on the website and first-store products.

Similarly, ILIA sometimes hosts final sale discounts to get a good quality product even at a cheaper price.

So, the customers purchase any item they want from a final sale.

Still, if there is anything wrong related to the shade, even then, the customers are not allowed to return the ILIA product to the company.


Does ILIA offer free returns?

Yes, ILIA provides customers with prepaid return shipping labels for a free return experience.

When people purchase some makeup or skincare items, they are very hopeful that this product will be perfect for them.

But for some reason, if the customers have to return the ILIA item to the company, it’s pretty depressing.

They understand that ILIA doesn’t charge any extra shipping cost.


How long does it take to receive a refund from ILIA?

After a customer returns the ILIA product to the company, the staff thoroughly checks all the products.

It makes sure that the customer fulfills all the return policies.

After that, the company generates the refund if everything about the returned item is perfect.

So, to complete the whole process, it takes around ten business days.

After that, you will receive your ILIA refund through the original payment method. However, the shipping charge is not refundable.

And for any reason, if it’s taking time to receive your refund, you can send an email to [email protected].


What is the ILIA Return Policy for Damage/defective Items?

ILIA Return Policy for Damage Products

ILIA is very conscious about its products and customers; hence, while delivering the product to the customer, ILIA always ensures that the product is correct and in perfect condition.

But we all know that making products like foundation, eyeshadow palettes, compacts, etc., is delicate.

So, at the time of transit, if there is any incident or situation where the ILIA makeup and skincare product gets damaged, and the customer receives a wrong or damaged item, ILIA is always available to provide their services.

So, if you face any issues, contact ILIA customer service through email at [email protected], and if you want, you can contact them through the ILIA contact form.

Also, for the UK, return the email to [email protected]; for Canada, send it to [email protected]. For the UK and Canada, the contact form service is also available. 

The ILIA customer service team will help you replace or provide a refund for that item. 


Can I exchange the ILIA product instead of return?

Customers can exchange the ILIA item instead of returning it to the company.

Sometimes, customers order the long shade or product for themselves, and that’s when the thought of returning comes to mind.

Generally, exchanging makeup and skincare items is easier than returning them.

The customers can decide what shade or type of makeup and skincare item they want to purchase in exchange for the original items and then proceed with it. 

So, to proceed with the exchange, the customer has to visit the page, or you can contact the ILIA customer service through [email protected].



Below we share some FAQs

How long do I have to return an ILIA item?

The customer has 60 days to return the ILIA product to the ILIA company.

And if it takes more than that, the customer must contact ILIA customer service. 


How do I return a Product to the ILIA?

For the online purchased ILIA item, the customer has to send it through the mail using the prepaid return shipping label.

Then, for the in-store ILIA product return, it has to be returned at the store.


Does ILIA offer international returns?

ILIA does provide international returns for the UK and Canada, but to proceed with the return, the customer should contact ILIA customer service. So, for the UK, return the email to [email protected], and for Canada, send it to [email protected].


Can I return an ILIA gift item?

Yes, return runs are also available for customers at the ILIA website, but for that, the customer must have the ILIA order number and the shipping zip code to proceed with the return.

The customer has to complete the gift return process at the page, and if there is still any issue or confusion, then the customer can click the ‘click here for assistance’ option to clear the doubts. 


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