Supernote Return Policy in 2024 (Full Detailed)

In this article, we share detailed information on the Supernote Return Policy.

Supernote is a great digital notebook where people can write the information they want using digital tools to edit digital content and many other things.

Instead of doing work repeatedly, people can easily do all the work at once using the Supernote.

It is a great device to make life easier in every profession.

But if anyone isn’t satisfied with the product and likes the feel of pen and paper more than digital fiction, it’s better to return the product.

Knowing about the Supernote return policy and its methods is important, as returning the product wouldn’t be possible without it.

This article about Supernote’s return policy is here as a guide.



Supernote Return Policy

For students, researchers, business people, and all the different fields, Supernote is a great tool for a very useful product.

But sometimes, customers prefer simplicity over digital features and want to return the Supernote item.

Before that, the customers should know about the return policy of Supernote, so to return the item,


●    The customer has to return the supernot product within 30 days of purchase.

●    If it is a Supernote open-box product, a 45-day return period is available from the purchase day mentioned on the receipt.

●    The Supernote item must have the original packaging available without any damage.

●    The purchaser set should have all the items like the devices, pen, and folios.

●    Before returning the product, all personal data and information should be removed from the device.


Supernote Return Policy for In-store Purchases

Supernote Return Policy for In-store Purchases

In the United States, there aren’t any Supernote stores or franchises that sell Supernote devices.

There are indeed many customers who want to use the Supernote device before purchasing it.

However, Supernote only delivers its products through online platforms.

Hence, the store has no purchase or written policies for Supernote products.


Supernote Return Policy for Online Purchases

Supernote Return Policy for Online Purchases

The only possible way to return the Supernote product is online.

Supernote is a great company where people can purchase digital forms of notebooks, which are very helpful, easy to use, and effective.

But if anyone wants to return the product, they should know the return method. So, to return the Supernote item,


●    If you request a return for that, send an email to [email protected].

●    In the email, write your order number, product purchase date, and a clear message mentioning that you want to return the product and the reason behind it. ( Use the email ID you used to order the Supernote device)

●    Remove all the personal data available on the Supernote device to perform a factory reset.

●    After that, pack the item thoroughly in the original packaging. Then, insert the product box into another box using bubble wrap to prevent damage.

●    After that, contact delivery service, most preferably DHL or FedEx

●     After that, stick the return label on the Supernote return package and return the items to the company.


Does Supernote offer free returns?

No, Supernote doesn’t provide free return service to customers. 

Supernote is a great company, so customers get excited daily when they order items from Supernote.

And as Supernote devices are a bit expensive, the customers already have to pay a decent amount.

After that, it’s natural that they will feel confused while returning the item, plus paying for the return fee.

Unfortunately, the customer has to pay for the return shipping cost.

If they want to avoid additional charges, it’s better to drop the item at the delivery service office they use to return the product.

Also, to avoid 17% VAT, customers from the US can send the items to the Supernote US service location.


How long does it take to receive a refund from Supernote?

It generally doesn’t take much time to receive a refund from the Supernote company.

After the product is returned to Supernote and checked and verified by the company staff and after the whole process, the defined amount is generated.

So, it takes around 15 business days to receive a refund for the product from Supernote company. 

However, after receiving the product for return, if the company finds out the item is damaged, Supernote can deny the product return based on the device inspection result. 


What is the Supernote Return Policy for Damage/Defaulted Items?

Supernote Return Policy Defective Items

Generally, while sending the Supernote item to the customer, the company staff very cautiously pack the item to avoid any damage to the Supernote product or its original packaging.

But still, if a customer has received a damaged product from Supernote, then,

●    While unpacking, the customer should record a video so that if the product is damaged, they can provide a video as a reference.

●    Also, click some pictures of the damaged Supernote items.

●    Then, email [email protected], attach the file of the damaged Supernote item, and mention the issues in the mail. 

●    And if the company doesn’t contact you within 24 to 48 hours, then contact the number +1 (509) 822-2562.

If the customer’s complaint about the damaged Supernote product is genuine, then within a few days, Supernote will provide a full refund or replacement without charging any return shipping cost. 


Can I cancel an order and receive a refund from Supernote?

Unfortunately, Supernote doesn’t have any cancellation policy.

So, if a customer has ordered a Supernote item that they don’t need for the time being, in that case, there is no option to cancel the order.

So, the customers have to wait for the Supernote product to get delivered, and after that, they can return the product to the company and then wait for the refund.

Without it, there is no other option through which they can receive a refund.

On the other hand, if anyone has placed the Supernote item at the wrong address and wants to cancel it, nothing can be done.

But still, it’s better to contact the Supernote customer service number +1 (509) 822-2562 as soon as possible.



Below we share some FAQs

How long do I have to return a Supernote item?

After receiving the Supernote item, the customer has 30 days to return the items, and for the open box item, the product return span is extended to 45 days; after that, Supernote won’t accept their product for return. 


How do I return a Product to the Supernote?

The only method of returning the Supernote items is through mail.

SuperNote doesn’t have any offline stores or franchises.

Therefore, the Supernote item is returned to the company after the product return request is accepted.


Does Supernote offer international returns?

Supernote is an international company, but they have great sales and Supernote US service locations in the United States.

So, anyone purchasing the items can easily return the problem to the address provided by Supernote, but the customer has to pay for the return shipping fee.


Can I return a Supernote gift item?

If anyone gifted you a Supernote product and you want to return it, then you have to contact Supernote and the person who gifted you the device for the order details.

After that, the return process is simple, but the refund will be generated using the original payment method. So it’s better not to return the Supernote gift. 


What is the Supernote Return Policy on Final Sale Items?

It’s Supernote; there isn’t any final sale item available.

At the company, there are only a few items that customers purchase, so within the return window, they can return their Supernote device if they are unsatisfied with it.


Can I exchange the Supernote product instead of return?

No, at Supernote, there isn’t any exchange service available.

If a customer wants to purchase a different Supernote device model, they have to return the original product to the company.

Then, when the refund is credited to the bank account, they order the Supernote item they wanted to purchase.


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