BowFlex Return Policy in 2024 (Full Detailed)

In this article, we share detailed information on the Bowflex Return Policy.

Bowflex, formally known as Nautilus, Inc., is a great company that sells fitness equipment and services.

It is a perfect company from where customers purchase cardio machines, equipment for the home gym, and other items related to the gym.

But no matter how much customers love BowFlex’s services, sometimes there are cases of product return as well.

For that, the customer needs to know about the Bowflex return policy and its methods, as without it, the product return can’t be done.

So, this article about BowFlex’s return policy is here as a guide.



What is BowFlex Return Policy?

For a home gym experience, BowFlex is the best service that the customers then ask for. 

All the gym equipment and items they will receive will help the customer stay fit and build muscle. 

But if the customer isn’t satisfied with the surface or doesn’t need it, they prefer to return it to the company. It’s important to know about the return policy,


●    The customer was told to return the BowFlex item within six weeks of delivery.

●    The purchased item from BowFlex has to be in perfect condition without any damages, dents, scratches, etc

●    The product must have the original packaging, preferably the original cartons.

●    The customer has to apply for an RMA number for return as without it, the product return won’t be accepted.

●    After receiving the RMA number, the return shipment must be done within two weeks.

●    If the RMA number has expired, then after that, the returned items will be considered unauthorized.

●    It must be done within six weeks of activation if you want to cancel your BowFlex JRNY Annual Subscription.


BowFlex Return Policy for In-store Purchases

BowFlex Return Policy for In-store Purchases

Many people like to purchase BowFlex items from the store as their customers can see and experience after they purchase the BowFlex item.

Still, after purchasing it, sometimes things get complicated, the house gets crowded, or any other reason.

If anyone wants to return the BowFlex item to the store, For that, 

 ●    Visit the BowFlex Store from where you purchased the BowFlex item.

●    Show them the original product purchase receipt.

●    Besides that, provide any other required information or details.

●    After that, if the product is eligible for return, BowFlex will accept it, the Store management will send their staff to disassemble the item and take it back to the company, or you can return it by yourself. 


BowFlex Return Policy Online Purchases

BowFlex Return Policy Online Purchases

Online services are easy to understand and way more convenient, and many customers prefer to purchase BowFlex items from the BowFlex website or app.

So, naturally, after purchasing a Bowflex item online, if anyone wants to return the product, they have to return it online as well. So, to return the item,

●    Log in to the Bowflex app or website using the email address they used to order the item.

●    After that, the customer can proceed with the order cancellation through the order details on the website, or to make things simple, they can contact the BowFlex customer service number at (800) 605-3369.

●    Then, proceeding with the BowFlex order return won’t be that difficult. 

To cancel the BowFlex JRNY Subscription

●    First, make sure that you have a Bowflex JRNY annual subscription.

●    Then, to cancel it, ensure you maintain the six-week subscription cancellation window.

●    After that, mail [email protected], call (800) 605-3369, or submit a cancellation request at the BowFlex website.

●    In all these cancellation methods, mention that you want to cancel your BowFlex JRNY Subscription, provide the date of subscription activation, and provide personal details used at BowFlex such as phone number, email ID, etc.

●    After that, BowFlex staff will contact you and help you cancel your subscription.


What is BowFlex Return Policy on Final Sale Items?

Generally, BowFlex doesn’t have any final sale item range.

So, they don’t have any final sale items sold on the BowFlex website or app for the product. 

But after purchasing the BowFlex item online, if you try to send the items without an RMA number or if the RMA number has expired, the return will be canceled, and you won’t receive any refund. Besides that, there isn’t any particular product that is listed as a final sale item.

If you want to know about the Bowflex JRNY subscription, you should know you will receive a refund for the annual subscription package.

However, the monthly subscription service of BowFlex JRNY has a final sale, so there is no refund for canceling it. 


Does Bowflex offer free returns?

No, at Bowflex, the return isn’t for free. The products and services from BowFlex differ from any other products or services.

Here, when a person purchases any Gym equipment, they are very hopeful for the improvement they will make and the other things.

But then, while returning the BowFlex gym product, the customers get pretty sad.

But they should understand that BowFlex products are bigger and difficult to handle, so bearing all those charges isn’t possible for a company.

As a result, the customer has to pay for the shipping cost to return the items. 


How long does it take to receive a refund from BowFlex?

Bowflex Refund Policy

Generally, it doesn’t take much longer to receive a refund from BowFlex.

After the product is returned to BowFlex, the company takes around 7 to 15 business days to complete the refund. But still, if there are any issues with the refund, then it’s better to contact Bowflex customer service.

Also, the customers should know that the shipping, handling, and assembly charges of the BowFlex item won’t be refunded to the customer. 

Also, if a customer is canceling the BowFlex JRNY subscription, then for the annual subscription cancellation, they will receive the refund amount based on the BowFlex return policy within seven working days. 


What is BowFlex Return Policy for Damaged/defective Items?

The chances of a customer receiving a damaged product from BowFlex are very low.

BowFlex cautiously delivered the items to the address and assembled them on the customer’s behalf.

So naturally, receiving a damaged item isn’t a BowFlex thing. 

Still, if the customer notices that the BowFlex item is damaged or if there is any issue after assembling the product, the customer should always call BowFlex’s customer service number at (800) 605-3369.

The BowFlex staff handled the situation well and provided all the required guidance.

Not only that, if it’s something serious, then they will replace the product and provide you the service you deserve. 


Can I cancel an order and receive a refund from BowFlex?

After placing the order at Bowflex, the customers sometimes try to cancel the order.

Well, having gym equipment at home is a big decision, and many people don’t think it through before placing the order, so as a result, sometimes a few customers try to cancel the BowFlex order.

Well, at BowFlex, order cancellation can be done, but for that, the customer should contact BowFlex customer service number (800) 605-3369 as soon as possible.

After a customer places an order then, within a few hours, the order starts to process, and if it enters the inventory after that, canceling the order isn’t possible.

In such a case, you have to wait for the order to be delivered to your address, and after that, you can send the BowFlex product following the BowFlex product return rules.



Below we share some FAQs

Can I exchange the BowFlex product instead of return?

Unfortunately, no separate BowFlex service is available that provides product exchange.

So if the customer wants to purchase something else, they have to return the item to the BowFlex company, and then after receiving the refund, order the gym equipment they wanted to purchase.


How long do I have to return a BowFlex item?

After purchasing the product, if any customer wants to return the BowFlex item, they have six weeks or around 40 days to do so.


How do I return a Product to BowFlex?

Customers can return BowFlex items in-store and through mail.

However, the customers should know that for in-store purchases of BowFlex items, they have to be returned at the store, and for online purchases of BowFlex items, the product has to be returned through the mail. 


Does Bowflex offer international returns?

BowFlex is a US-based company, and for now, BowFlex doesn’t provide any international service.

As a result, there aren’t any international return services available. 


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