Dagne Dover Return Policy in 2024 (Full Detailed)

In this article, we share all the detailed information on the Dagne Dover Return Policy.

Dagne Dover is a great online shopping brand for bags of different styles, materials, colors, and sizes.

The range of options customers get from this company is huge.

But even though the customers like the product, some situations leave them no choice but to return the item.

So before sending the item back to Dagne Dover, it’s important to know the return policy and the methods of returning the Dagne Dover item.

This article about Dagne Dover’s return policy is here as a guide.



What is the Dagne Dover Return Policy?

Purses and bags are something that everyone needs, and for styling, no one can resist.

So, as a trustworthy, stylish, and spacious back range, many people trust Dagne Dover.

But if the bag’s color style and size are satisfying enough, the customer prefers to return or exchange the product. 

But before that, knowing about Dagne Dover’s return policies is important.

If the requirements are not fulfilled, product returns will be difficult. So, to return the Dagne Dover item,

●    The product has to be returned within 30 days of shipment or store purchase.

●    All the items must be in perfect condition with no marks, scratches, stains, tears, or anything.

●    All the products should have the tag’s original packaging intact without damage.

●    All the elements of the accessories chain should be intact with the product.

●    Returns for $1000 or above will be checked and processed based on the return facility’s receipt and inspection of each item.

●    It’s important to have a receipt for in-store returns at the time of return.

●    Multiple items must be packed and returned separately; all the items in one package won’t be acceptable. 


Dagne Dover Return Policy for In-store Purchases

Dagne Dover Return Policy for In-store Purchases

Many people like to purchase bags, purses, etc., from the Dagne Dover store. Dagne Dover has a huge variety of options for both men and women.

But still, for some reason, if any customer wants to return the Dagne Dover Product in store, then,

●    First, visit your nearest Dagne Dover store 

●    Go to the Dagne Dover customer service desk or any employee and tell them you want to return your Dagne Dover item.

●    Give them your original Dagne Dover receipt or any other documents or information required.

●    Then, if the product is eligible, Dagne Dover will accept it in return.

Those who purchased the Dagne Dover item online can also return the product in-store. 

For that, they have to show the digital receipt of the Dagne Dover item. 

However, Dagne Dover customers who purchase clothing items from the store must only return the products at the Dagne Dover store.


Dagne Dover Return Policy for Online Purchases

Dagne Dover Return Policy for Online Purchases

Dagne Dover is among the best destinations for stylish, comfortable, and spacious bags.

But no matter how much customers love Dagne Dover, there are still cases where the customers must return their purchased Dagne Dover items for the size, design, color, or any other reason.

So it’s important to know how to return the Dagne Dover items, 

●    First, open the Dagne Dover website

●    Then, from the order details, go to the return or exchange page and submit a return request.


If you don’t have a Dagne Dover account, then,

●    First, open the Dagne Dover website.

●    Then locate the return or exchange option, or you can go directly to the Dagne Dover return page at https://dagnedover.loopreturns.com/#/

●    After that, provide your order number and shipping zip code or email or phone number to continue the return process. (If you don’t know about the order number, then you will find it on the packing slip mentioning as ‘PO number’ or in the Dagne Dover order confirmation email available at your used email ID’s inbox)

●    After that, submit the Dagne Dover order return request.


After the order is accepted for return then,

●    Pack the Dagne Dover thoroughly with the original packaging and other accessories intact.

●    Wrap the box so it won’t get damaged at return.

●    Stick the return label for the Dagne Dover item at the top or side of the box.

●    After that, send it to the Dagne Dover warehouse address provided to you.

At Dagne Dover, you can do that if you want to return a product from any international address through mail.

The return process at Dagne Dover is similar to the US, but on international returns, customers won’t receive any return shipping label; they have to book and pay for the shipping services independently. 


What is Dagne Dover Return Policy on Final Sale Items?

Dagne Dover Return Policy on Final Sale Items

At Dagne Dover, final sale items are not accepted for return, and this policy is available for both online and in-store purchases.

Many customers like to purchase final sale products from Dagne Dover, which are affordable, good-looking, and high-quality.

But after purchasing them, if a customer feels they don’t want that product anymore and want to return it, that can’t be possible.

Also, if a customer has purchased a Dagne Dover gift card, that is a final sale item that the customer can’t return to the company. 


Does Dagne Dover offer free returns?

Yes, the customers pay a fee at the time of product return. 

Customers who purchase a purse or bag from Dagne Dover are very hopeful and excited about the product.

But when the product isn’t something of their liking, then returning becomes necessary.

But nowadays, as most companies provide free returns, customers don’t want to pay any extra fees for Dagne Dover returns. 

Unfortunately, the customers must pay a $10 handling fee for returning the item all over the United States. 

Even though the US delivers the shipping label I provided, the handling fee is unavoidable. 

If there are multiple items, each item must be packed and returned separately; for each, the customer must pay the handling fee separately.

Therefore, the more products there are, the higher the handling fee.


How long does it take to receive a refund from Dagne Dover?

Dagne Dover will initiate the refund once they have received the returned items; it can take around 3 to 12 business days. 

If it takes longer than you imagined, you must contact Dagne Dover customer service for guidance. 

Once a product is returned to the company, the Dagne Dover staff checks the product and makes sure all the items and accessories are intact.

If everything is in perfect condition, then Dagne Dover will generate a refund, and within a few days, it will be credited through the original payment method.

Also, the shipping and handling costs won’t be refunded to the customers. 

And Dagne Dover customers should know that after returning the item, if it doesn’t pass the quality check, then Dagne Dover has the right to deny the product return. 


What is Dagne Dover Return Policy for Damaged/defective Items?

Customers are mostly satisfied with the Dagne Dover bags and purses and have few complaints.

Still, if you’re concerned about damaged items, you must know that Dagne Dover checks the products thoroughly before dispatching and delivering them to the customers. 

But still, due to some incident or transit error, if the customer receives damaged or defective Dagne Dover items, they can easily return the product to the company. 

Within the first 30 days of purchasing to discuss the issues related to the damaged product, the customers can contact Dagne Dover customer service through mail at [email protected] and then call at 646-934-6528 from Monday to Friday between 10:30 am and 5:30 pm ET. 


Can I cancel an order and receive a refund from Dagne Dover?

Unfortunately, customers can’t cancel or edit Dagne Dover orders once they are placed. 

Sometimes, after placing an order, the customers feel like they don’t need that order or get a better deal from the Dagne Dover store or elsewhere.

In such cases, the customer wants to cancel the product, but that service isn’t available.

So, the customers should wait for the product to get delivered and, after that, return it to the company and receive a refund.

Suppose any customer wants to edit or cancel the Dagne Dover order because they have submitted the wrong address.

In that case, Dagne Dover has no other option but to contact Dagne Dover customer service as soon as possible through [email protected] or 646-934-6528. 


Can I exchange the Dagne Dover item instead of return?

Yes, customers can exchange the Dagne Dover item instead of returning it.

Sometimes, when the customers like the product very much but are not fully satisfied because of the color, then instead of returning, they prefer exchanging.

The process for exchanging the Dagne Dover product is the same as returning it. 

So, from the Dagne Dover website, and if you don’t have a Dagne Dover profile, then from the https://dagnedover.loopreturns.com/ link, you can start the exchange process. 



Below we share some FAQs

How long do I have to return a Dagne Dover item?

After purchasing a Dagne Dover item, if the customer is satisfied, they can return or extend it within 30 days of purchase.

Sometimes, on the holidays and festival season, Dagne Dover extends the return span to 90 days, but that depends on the company and its policies.


How do I return the product to Dagne Dover?

Customers can return the Dagne Dover product at the Dagne Dover company through mail or in-store.

Online purchase Dagne Dover items can be returned at the store if the product is eligible, and for in-store purchases, it’s better and simpler to return it at the Dagne Dover store. 


Does Dagne Dover offer international returns?

Well, at Dagne Dover, international returns are accepted, but Dagne Dover doesn’t provide any separate shipping slips for the customers.

The customers have to pay for the return shipping and the handling fee. 


How do you return Dagne Dover items in bulk?

If there are Dagne Dover orders in bulk or customers returning multiple items from Dagne Dover, they can do that.

Still, items over $1000 will be checked and processed based on the return facility’s receipt and inspection of each item.

The customer has to pack all the Dagne Dover different items separately with a separate shipping label. 


Can I return Dagne Dover gift items?

Customers can return a Dagne Dover gift item within the first 30 days of purchase.

For the gift return, the customers must have the information related to the original order; after that, the customers can receive a refund or exchange the item.


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