Myprotein Return Policy in 2024 (Return, Damage, Refund)

If you want to return the product to the Myprotein company, you must return it within the first 30 days of purchase.

In the fitness world, Myprotein is a known brand.

Because of their perfect quality, Myprotein supplements are popular worldwide in countries such as the United States, Australia, India, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Portugal, and many others.

But even though it’s true that Myprotein has great demand, when customers purchase items from Myprotein so much, then it’s natural that there will be cases of return as well.

So, if you want to return your Myprotein product to the company, you must know about its return policies.



What is the Myprotein Return Policy?

As we read before, people love using Myprotein supplements for muscle development.

To make things easier to have a proper workout experience at Myprotein, customers also purchase bottles, activewear, etc.

For some reason, there are times when customers want to return their purchased item from Myprotein, and in such a situation, before returning anything, there are rules that the customers should know. 

So, to return the protein item to the company,

Customers have to return it within the first 30 days of purchase.

● The product has to be returned in an interesting condition, unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and undamaged.

● Return for numerical and nonclothing items must be returned after consulting customer service.

● Then at the time of return, all the Myprotein items must have original packaging with tags still attached.

● You should handle the product carefully; the return process will be difficult if it gets damaged and its commercial value decreases.

● Then try to use the shoes for trial indoors and on the carpet so there aren’t any scratches or dirt in them.


Etc. If all these criteria are met at the time of return, then, Myprotein will accept your product for return.


How to return the Product to Myprotein?

How to return the Product to Myprotein

When customers purchase something from Myprotein, they think of using it for themselves or someone close to them.

Not every time a product from Myprotein works out.

Sometimes active doesn’t fit you properly, or you don’t need the supplements anymore, so insert situation customers prefer returning their Myprotein items.

But at Myprotein, multiple varieties of Items are available, such as consumables, clothing, etc.

Because of this, Myprotein has a different return system for different items.

So, if you want to return your consumable or non-clothing item, contact the Myprotein customer service through website chat.

And then, from there, the employees will guide you to your pay to return that item. 


And if you want to return clothes you purchase from Myprotein, then,

● First, often the Myprotein website page and log in to your profile.

● Then you can visit the return page, or you can click on the link

● Therefore, enter your protein order number and zip code. 

● After that, click Proceed.

● Submit all the necessary information on the next pages and complete your return process. 

● After that, you will receive your pre-paid return label, download and print it out.

● Then, stick the label at the top or side of the Myprotein return package.

● And deliver it at the drop office.


Myprotein Return Policy for Damaged items?

If someone wants to work hard and build some muscles, protein supplements are very important.

Myprotein is known for its body-building supplements and variety of activewear options.

Because of this huge field, customers in the US and worldwide purchase items from Myprotein.

But, after receiving the Myprotein item, if it turns out to be damaged, faulty, or incorrect, you can complain about it through the Myprotein customer service available at the website’s ‘My Account’ segment. 

Customer service will help you resolve the situation one by one.

Also, if required, you can claim a Myprotein return product refund or replacement.

So, if you received a damaged or wrong item from Myprotein, it isn’t an issue as Myprotein got your cover.


What products does Myprotein not accept as a return?

What products does Myprotein not accept as a return

At Myprotein, there are multiple types of items available that customers can purchase.

That’s a great thing about this brand, but that means there are various types of things that customers try to return to the company.

But to maintain the well-being of Myprotein, there are a few items that customers can’t return to the company after purchase; those are,

● Nonclothing or consumable items must be unopened and unused, and the seal must stay intact. 

● Then for hygiene reasons, Myprotein doesn’t accept any bottles unless sealed.

● For hygiene reasons, Myprotein doesn’t accept underwear, socks, and swimwear in return.

● The shoes that scratch are not eligible for return.

● Myprotein also doesn’t accept MP apparel and accessories from its retail partners.


Etc. These are the primary items that Myprotein doesn’t accept for return.


Does Myprotein have a free return?

Myprotein is every gym addict’s favorite, and also, because of the amazing quality of all their items, customers never doubt anything while purchasing items from Myprotein.

But still, for some reason, when they have to return it, those hopeful people get quite disappointed; that’s why understanding the customers’ sentiments, Myprotein doesn’t charge any return fee from their customers.

So, you can easily download and print a free return label from Myprotein to return the purchased item. 


Can we exchange Myprotein items instead of returning them?

For a workout, it’s very important to wear comfortable clothing that fits perfectly.

So that’s why after purchasing activewear if it doesn’t fit perfectly, they prefer to exchange it with the perfect size instead of returning it.

Unfortunately, at Myprotein, that option is not available for customers. 

So, if you want to purchase the perfect size of your gym outfit or any other Myprotein item, you have to return that purchased item first.

Then you can order the item you want to purchase from Myprotein, or you can wait for the refund. After that, you can place a new order. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from Myprotein?

It doesn’t take much long to get your refund from Myprotein; after your returned item gets delivered to the company then, the item is checked thoroughly, and when the verification or inspection is done, then, it takes around 3 to 5 business days to receive your refund through the original payment method. 

While inspecting the item back in the Myprotein center, the company can generate a refund for that item if the returned item is not eligible for return.

And then Soon, the items will be returned to the customer at their expense. 

On the other hand, if your product passes the Myprotein product checking process and you receive a mail confirming the return, you must receive your order within five days.

But if you didn’t get the Myprotein refund for more than ten business days, you must contact the Myprotein customer service team. 



Below we share some FAQs

What to do with the product if the customer no longer wants it?

If the customer doesn’t need the newly purchased item from Myprotein anymore, they can return it to the company.

For them, customer satisfaction is very important. That’s why customers can process the return fast from the self-serve return option. 


What is the return policy for Myprotein whey protein?

If you are willing to return your Myprotein supplement, you must return it within 30 days of purchase, unused and sealed.

Also, you must contact the Myprotein customer service through the website for numerical items such as protein supplements or call 18012524622.


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