Kay Jewelers Return Policy in 2024 (Fully Updated)

If a customer is interested in returning a Kay Jewelers item to the company, they should return it within the first 30 days of purchasing the item.

Returning items to Kay Jewelers is very easy.

Also, for the return, you can return your item to any KAY or KAY Outlet store for your online purchased item, and for store purchase.

You can return the jewelry by mail, so at Kay Jewelers, the return process is quite convenient.

Kay Jewelers is a brand or company that sells affordable and authentic gold diamond gemstones, and jewelry items for their customers.

At Kay Jewelers, if anyone wants, they can also customize jewelry.

As the company is growing, customers can purchase jewelry from Kay stores and websites as well.

But amounting to thousands of jewelry orders, there are a few return cases of return orders at Kay Jewelers as well.

If you are also interested in jewelry returns, this article about Kay Jewelers return policy is a great place to know more about that.



What is Kay Jewelers Return Policy?

Jewelry poses a very sentimental value in people’s hearts.

When people purchase jewelry from Kay Jewelers in the first place, the name intends to keep it and cherish it all their life.

But still, people have their reasons, and because of it, when customers want to return their purchased Kay Jewelers items to the company, then there are a few rules that the customers should keep in mind, 

So, to return the Kay Jewelers item to the company,

Customers must return Kay Jewelers’ jewelry within 30 days of purchase.

● If you want to exchange the jewelry, you have to do it within the first 60 days of purchasing the item, and if it’s a watch, then the customer has 30 days to exchange it.

● At the time of return, jewelry from Kay Jewelers must be in good condition and watches unworn, and unaltered.

● All the original packaging, warranty instructions, boxes, etc., should be intact while returning the item to the company.

● While returning a smartwatch to Kay Jewelers, the customer must delete data stored on the product and remove or un-syncing the product from the device.

● Then, for store return of the Kay Jewelers items, the original packing slip must be included, and if you no longer have that, bring a copy of your Kay Jewelers product shipping confirmation email or online purchase receipt for the jewelry displayed during checkout.


Etc. These are the main return policies of Kay Jewelers items.


How to Return the Product to Kay Jewelers?

How to Return the Product to Kay Jewelers

All of us but mostly women, love Kay Jewelers very much there for yourself and gift purposes.

As a customer, you can choose among a variety of options. From earrings to necklaces and diamonds to gemstones, at Kay Jewelers, the customers have all sources of options.

But still, there are cases in which the customers must return their items to Kay Jewelers.

And to return the product to the company, you have to, 


● First, log in to your Kay Jewelers account,

● From there, find the return page. 

● Enter your email ID used at the Kay Jewelers website and the 8-digit Kay Jewelers order number there. 

● After that, complete the return process with all the information to inform the company about your product return.

● Then, open the website of your preferred courier service, like UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. 

● Apply for a return for your Kay Jewelers product. 

● Provide all the necessary information, and after that, print out the return label from the courier website. (Try to choose express shipping for return as you deal with jewelry returns).

● Then pack your Kay jewelry product thoroughly to ensure it reaches the destination safely.

● Then, include your original packing slip in the box and keep a duplicate to yourself.

If you don’t have the original packing slip, provide your name, phone number, address, used email address for Kay order, and order number.

● After that, stick the Kay Jewelers return label at the top or side of the package. 

● Then, drop it at the Kay Jewelers mentioned carrier service office to deliver it to the address,


375 Ghent Rd.

Akron, OH 44333


And if you want to return the product in-store, then, 

● First, Visit the Kay Jewelers store/showroom

● Tell the Kay Jewelers employee at the store that you want to return your product.

● Then the employee will check your Kay Jewelers item and all the necessary paperwork, 

● And when the product is accepted for return, the Kay Jewelers employees will start processing your refund.


Kay Jewelers Return Policy for Damaged Items?

Kay Jewelers Return Policy for Damaged Items

When customers purchase gold or diamond jewelry, the company has to be very careful while sending the product to the customer.

That’s why Kay Jewelers takes extra precautions to make sure that the customers receive the product in great condition.

But still, the customer received a product that is damaged or has some gemstones missing, etc.

In that case, contact Kay Jewelers Center immediately for assistance at 1-800-527-8029. 

After receiving a damaged or defective item, you can return the product at Kay Jewelers.

As a refund for your damaged item, you will receive the product cost as well as your original shipping and handling fee or other additional costs as a refund as well. 


What products does Kay Jewelery not accept as a return?

Kay Jewelers Deals with expensive and authentic jewelry items, and even if it’s affordable, they still have to be careful about product returns.

In return, the company has to check the product thoroughly.

Besides that, there are a few items from Kay Jewelers that they don’t accept for return after it is delivered to the customer.

Those are specially ordered watches, custom designs, ear piercing earrings, casino gift certificate purchases, gift cards, and merchandise received using the Jewelry Replacement Plan. 

So as you can’t return these items to the Kay Jewelers stores, that’s why check the item thoroughly while purchasing.

And if you received the damaged item only then, even after the restriction, Kay Jewelers will accept the product for return.


Does Kay Jewelery have a free return?

Does Kay Jewelery have a free return

Unfortunately, the return cost isn’t free at Kay Jewelers.

Purchasing jewelry is a big budget, and after paying for the shipping charges, when the customers have to pay for return shipping as well, the experience isn’t good for them.

But, on the other hand, after handling the business, if Kay Jewelers keeps on providing free returns, then it will start causing them to invest extra money.

Because of this, as a customer, you can’t use the facility of free details at Kay Jewelers unless or until you purchase the item for the Kay Jewelers store or showroom.


How much time will it take to get a refund from Kay Jewelry?

Handling jewelry is a bit difficult, and when the customer delivers the item for return in their responsibility, they get a little concerned.

That’s why checking the jewelry is important to ensure the package is returned to Kay Jewelers’ distribution center.

Then, after the item gets delivered at the Kay Jewelers distribution center, the highly professional Quality Assurance team thoroughly checks the product.

After checking that the result of the product is in great condition, Kay Jewelers will start processing your refund, which takes around 21 days to complete.

Customers will receive their refunds through the original payment methods, and based on it, if you have used a credit or debit card for purchasing Kay Jewelers products, you’ll receive the refund as smoothly as possible.

For check refunds, you will receive a mail within 21 days.

For cash refunds, if the amount is greater than $500, then a refund check will be issued from Kay Jewelers’ corporate office and mailed within 21 days.

Besides that, other payment methods and refunds are available, but to know about them or for guidance, contact 800-527-8029.


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