Saatva Return Policy in 2024 (Damage Items, Refund)

If you want to return your Saatva mattress, you get around 365-night trials to decide whether you’re happy with the item or not, and if you are not, you can easily return it.

Using a proper mattress or bedding set is very important to avoid back pain or physical issues.

That’s why Saatva gives their customers plenty of time to decide if their purchased mattress is good for them.

It takes time to get comfortable while using a new mattress. Hence, the trial period is very helpful.

The Saatva mattress brand is a great website, and this company was first established in 2010.

At the company, customers can order twin, twin XL, king, queen, etc., and many other types of Mattresses.

Besides that, to make your bed comfortable at Saatva, bed frames, and bedding sets are also available.

But still, even after that, if the customers want to return or exchange their Saatva items, then to know about the Saatva return policy, their article is here for you.



What is the Saatva Return Policy for items?

Well, Saatva is a well-known mattress brand where you can purchase different varieties of mattresses.

At Saatva, you can purchase bed frames, bedding items, mattress toppers, etc.

And this huge range of items attracts the customers very much.

But still, there are times when a few customers try to return their Saatva items. 

For that reason, before returning, there are some rules that you must know about. So, at Saatva,

For mattresses, customers get a 365-night home trial; after that, if they are not satisfied, then they can return or exchange the mattress.

● The Saatva mattress toppers come with a 180-night home trial; if the customer is not satisfied, they can return it.

● For bedding items, customers have a 45-night free returns policy.

● Saatva provides 365-night home trials for bed frames, and customers can exchange or return the item if required during or after the trial.

● Then, for bench and chairs 365-night home trial provided by Saatva, exchange, and return is also available

● The Saatva product must have all the tags intact at the time of return. 



How to return the Product to Saatva?

How to return the Product to Saatva

At Saatva, you can purchase many great items related to bedding.

Most of the customers who purchased mattresses from Saatva are very satisfied with their products.

But still, if you are having some issues and want to return the Saatva item to the company, then,

Then after the 365-night home trial, contact Saatva customer service at 1-877-672-2882.

After discussing your issues with the Saatva mattress, the Saatva customer service employee will schedule a pickup for the mattress return.

On the scheduled date, you can easily return the product to the company and wait for the refund.

After the product is returned to the company, Saatva doesn’t resell the used mattress to any other customers, and it gets donated to veterans’ shelters or offered to employees and associates who need it. 


Saatva Return Policy for Damage items?

Saatva Return Policy for Damage items

When customers purchase mattresses or bedding-related items, the chances of receiving damaged items are very low.

While delivering mattresses or bedding items, Saatva always sends them new and carefully packed.

But if that furniture or any other Saatva items delivered are damaged, then the customer can contact Saatva customer service number 1-877-672-2882.

The customers can discuss all their issues and concerns related to Saatva mattresses or other items.

Also, you can claim a refund or replacement for the damaged Saatva product.

Besides that, if the purchased item is damaged due to the customer, or for the wrong size of bed frame, in that case, it’s not the company’s fault, so that’s why there is a good chance that Saatva won’t accept the product for return.


What products does Saatva not accept as a return?

To make the shopping experience fun and convenient for the customers, Saatva has this trial option available for most items.

But even though Saatva donates the item instead of resale, there are still a few reasons Saatva can’t accept the returns. 

If the mattress or bedding item has any stain, damage, or unsanitary evidence, then the Saatva product is unacceptable for return or exchange at the Saatva.

So it will be better if the customer covers the mattress with something else before using it.

Also, Saatva has these trial policies so that customers get comfortable with the mattress or any other Saatva item within the trial period.

But still, if they are uncomfortable with it, the customers have to return it during or right after the trial ends.


Does Saatva have a free return?

Handling a product for return isn’t an easy task, and when it’s about the mattress, then handling that item isn’t easy in any way.

So even though customers want free returns for the Saatva mattresses, unfortunately, it’s impossible.

That’s why to complete the whole process of Saatva mattress return; the customer has to pay a $99 processing fee.

Also, for Saatva bed frames, branches, and chairs, the customers have to pay a $99 processing fee at the time of return. 

But besides these, if the customer is returning Saatva bedding items and Crib Mattresses after a 45-night trial, no shipping or processing fee is required. Thus, the return is free. 


How much time will it take to get a refund from Saatva?

When a customer applies for a return at Saatva, the product is inspected for some moment after the return is accepted and sent back to the Saatva company.

When it’s found to be in good condition, the refund for your Saatva return starts to be generated.

Within 7 to 10 days, you’ll receive your return to the original payment method.

If your bank doesn’t accept the refund after a year, you should contact 1-877-672-2882 for guidance. 



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