Bluemercury Return Policy in 2024 (Detailed)

If you are not satisfied with your Bluemercury purchase you can easily return it by knowing the Bluemercury Return Policy.

In the present lifestyle, skincare items are essential to keep the skin hydrated and radiant.

But in the competitive market, finding good quality skin care products takes a lot of work.

Bluemercury came to the rescue by providing products of pure ingredients perfect for all skin types and even sensitive skills.

Besides that, Bluemercury also has fragrance accessories, hair care products, and many other styling items.

This is one of the main reasons Bluemercury is gaining so much popularity among customers.

But even though people need skincare, makeup, and other items, sometimes they are products that are optional or suitable for the customers.

In that case, the customer wants to return the Bluemercury product to the company.

But before that, knowledge of the Bluemercury return policy is required. This article about Bluemercury’s return policy is here as a guide.



Bluemercury Return Policy

Customers purchase all different sources of skin care makeup, beauty accessories, fragrances, etc, from the Bluemercury website and stores.

Most customers enjoy the product as it suits all skin and hair types.

Unfortunately, customers sometimes face issues related to the Bluemercury item, and because of this, they prefer to return the Bluemercury item.

But they must first go through all the return policies to successfully return the product. So, 

●    The customer must return the Bluemercury item within 90 days of purchase.

●    For a full refund, the product has to be unused with the original packaging intact. 

●    Bluemercury accepts slightly used products as well. 

●    If the Bluemercury product is purchased inside Macy’s, then by having the original product receipt, the customer can return or exchange the product within 180 days of purchase.

●    For Bluemercury standalone stores and online orders, Macy’s won’t accept the product for return or exchange.

●    Customers who have purchased a Bluemercury item from can return it within 90 days of purchase. 

●    Bluemercury some Amazon must be returned within 30 days of purchase.


Bluemercury Return Policy for In-store Purchases

Bluemercury Return Policy for In-store Purchases

For makeup, skincare, or any other styling item, purchasing these items from the Bluemercury store is a better option if you need more clarification about the shade.

Many customers prefer to visit their nearest Bluemercury store to purchase suitable makeup shades, hair, or skincare items.

However, after purchasing any accessories, fragrance makeup, or skincare product from Bluemercury, they can quickly return it if the customer feels it could be a better match. So, to do that, 

●    First, visit your nearest Bluemercury store. 

●    Go to the Bluemercury customer service desk or any employee and tell them you want to return your Bluemercury item.

●    Please give them your original Bluemercury receipt and any other documents or information required.

●    Then, if the product is eligible, Bluemercury will accept it in return.

Besides that, if any Bluemercury product is ordered online by the beauty expert in the store, it can be quickly returned or exchanged at the Bluemercury Store or through mail. 


How do I return a Bluemercury Product for Online Purchases?

Bluemercury Return Policy for Online Purchases

Bluemercury is a big company, and there are so many varieties of items that customers can purchase from the shop.

But not everyone can visit the Bluemercury shop and buy the needed items.

That’s why the Bluemercury website is handy for customers.

Now, the confusion is after purchasing any Bluemercury item from the Bluemercury website; if the customer feels like the product isn’t suitable for them and doesn’t need it anymore, how can they return it? So, to replace the Bluemercury online purchased item, 

●    Visit the Bluemercury website and log in to your profile.

●    After that, you can find the return option, or you can also click the Bluemercury link:

●    After that, complete the form, entering your name, email ID, order number, and the issue you are facing, and then submit the return form.

●    After that, you’ll receive a Bluemercury Return confirmation mail and a prepaid return label. ( If you have any problem related to the form, you can also request a prepaid return label by contacting 1-800-355-6000 or email at [email protected]).

●    Afterwards, wrap the Bluemercury products thoroughly so the item and its packaging won’t get damaged.

●    Stick the return label at the top or side of the Bluemercury return package.

●    Finally, drop the Bluemercury item at the drop office. 

Also, anyone who wants to return their Bluemercury online purchased item at the store can do that because carrying the receipt is essential.

So, for Bluemercury online purchases, the customers will find the ticket in their email inbox. 


What is the Bluemercury Return Policy on Final Sale Items?

Bluemercury Return Policy on Final Sale Items

Generally, Bluemercury doesn’t have a lot of final sale offers.

As a result, most of the products the customers purchase from Bluemercury are refundable if they are in eligible condition. 

However, if any customer has purchased any Bluemercury accessories or products from the final sale offers after purchasing them, they won’t be accepted for return. 

So, it would be better for the customer to check the Bluemercury product thoroughly before buying it.

Also, if the customer purchased any gift card from the Bluemercury Store or website, then gift cards being the final cell item, they can’t return them to the company. 


Does Bluemercury offer free returns?

Both the Bluemercury website and store are in massive demand among users.

As a result, so many people stop the Bluemercury website. Still, sometimes, for some reason, when customers have to return one or two Bluemercury items from the collection, they worry about the return fee.

Every company knows that customers prefer to avoid paying for return shipping.

So that’s why, understanding the customers’ sentiment and providing the best service possible, Bluemercury doesn’t charge any return shipping cost.

Therefore, if you want to return your Bluemercury item, you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost. Also, for in-store returns, there isn’t any return fee required. 


How long does it take to receive a refund from Bluemercury?

After returning the product at Bluemercury, the customers become concerned about when they will receive the refund.

But the thing is, there is nothing to worry about as Bluemercury always provides the best service to the customers. 

After the product is successfully returned at the Bluemercury warehouse, it will take around 3 to 5 business days to receive the refund through the original payment method.

The customer will receive an email confirmation once the product is returned and the repayment starts.

Also, if the payment for the Bluemercury product purchase is made through a bank card or credit card, they will receive the refund within 7 to 10 business days.

Sometimes, the customer returns the Bluemercury product after 90 days of purchase.

In such a situation, instead of receiving the refund through the original payment method, the customer will receive a Bluemercury gift card.

Later, they can use the gift card at the Bluemercury website, store, or spa service.


What is the Bluemercury Return Policy for Damage/defective Items?

Bluemercury Return Policy for Damage Products

Receiving damaged items from Bluemercury is an infrequent event.

But still, if you’re concerned about damaged items, you must know that Bluemercury checks the products thoroughly before delivering them to the customers. 

However, as these are makeup items and accessories and have some hazardous orders, that’s why, due to some incidents, if the customer receives damaged or defective Bluemercury items, then the customer can quickly return the product to the company.

But it has to be within the first 90 days of purchase.

So, to discuss the problem related to damaged Bluemercury items, the customer must contact Bluemercury customer service at 1-800-355-6000 or [email protected]. Soon, Bluemercury will arrange a refund or exchange for the damaged item.


Can I exchange the Bluemercury product instead of return?

Yes, customers can exchange Bluemercury items, which is a big deal.

Sometimes, after ordering products from Bluemercury, the customer later notices that the item is unsuitable for the skin tone or type.

Then, instead of returning the item, they prefer to exchange it.

The customers can do that in that case, but there is a catch.

If any customer wants to exchange the Bluemercury purchased item, they can do that, but the exchange can only be conducted at the Bluemercury store.

So if the customer has purchased a Bluemercury product from the website, even then, to exchange the product, the customer has to visit the Bluemercury store.

For the exchange of Bluemercury online and offline purchases Bluemercury, it’s essential to carry the purchase receipt.

For some reason, visiting the Bluemercury store is a difficult option for the Bluemercury online customer.

In that case, they must return the product to the Bluemercury company.

And then, when they receive their refund, they can place an order for the desired Bluemercury item. 

Another thing the customers should keep in mind is that at the time of exchange, if the Bluemercury exchange product has the same value, then no extra payment is required.

But if the exchange product is higher or lower than the original Bluemercury product value, there would be some price and sales tax adjustments.



Below we share some FAQs

How long do I have to return a Bluemercury item?

For some reason, if the Bluemercury customer wants to return any product, they have 90 days to return or exchange the Bluemercury product.

If there is no return after 90 days, the customer should contact Bluemercury customer service.


How do I return the Product to Bluemercury?

The customer can return the Bluemercury product through mail or in-store. Returning them via mail or in stone is accessible for online purchased items.

But for in-store purchased Bluemercury items, it’s easier to replace them at the store than through mail.


Can I return a Bluemercury gift item?

Customers can return Bluemercury gift items to the company through mail or in-store.

However, for mail returns, the customer should contact Bluemercury customer service.


Is the receipt required for the return of the Bluemercury product?

Yes, having the original receipt of the Bluemercury purchase is very important.

If the pass is lost, the customer can download the ticket from the email address for online purchases.

But for in-store Bluemercury product purchases, the customers must have the receipt, or else they have to discuss the issue with the Bluemercury customer service.


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