Arhaus Return Policy in 2024 (Detailed)

After purchasing any furniture from Arhaus if you are not satisfied with your purchase. By knowing the Arhaus Return Policy you can easily return it.

Due to the hectic schedule, purchasing furniture or any decoration-related items for the home is getting complicated.

That’s why the Arhaus website and the store range are appropriate destinations that give customers the privilege to choose and purchase the perfect item for their home.

Also, Arhaus provides many unique features to the customers so they can select the perfect size and color of the item that will look perfect in their home.

But, no matter how big the Arhaus market gets, there will be some cases of return due to some issues.

So that’s why, to provide the customers with a smooth and convenient Arhaus return service, this article about Arhaus Return Policy is here as your perfect guide.



Arhaus Return Policy

The sophistication and beauty of the room only came out with the help of beautiful furniture and other beautiful room decorative items.

That’s why Arhaus has a variety of furniture and decorative items available so customers can decorate their rooms the way they want.

Because of this unique feature, customers love to shop from Arhaus.

Now, online shopping for furniture can be a little bit tricky.

Sometimes, the customers give the measurement wrong, or after purchasing the furniture, it doesn’t suit the room’s color.

Unfortunately, the Arhaus customer cannot return the Arhaus item. 

 But for that, knowing about the Arhaus return policy is important,

●    Suppose the customer is returning Arhaus furniture, rugs, revivals poufs, etc. The customer has 14 days to return after receiving the product.

●    For non-funditure items like mirror decor, table tops, etc, the customer has a 30-day return period available.

●    For mattresses, the customer has to return them within 60 days of delivery.

●    At the time of return, the products must be undamaged, or the original packaging and wrapping should be intact.

●    The Arhaus product should not have any stains.

●    For most of the returned products at Arhaus, the customer has to pay around a 10% restocking fee. 


Arhaus Return Policy for in-store Purchases

Arhaus Return Policy for in-store Purchases

Besides the Arhaus website, this furniture company has a good range of Arhaus stores.

Having a good amount of Arhaus storage is good for people who get confused or have difficulties with online furniture shopping.

So, these customers can easily visit the Arhaus store to purchase furniture and home decorative items.

But for any reason, if the customer is unsatisfied with the Arhaus product and wants to return it, they have to visit the same Arhaus store location from where they have purchased the furniture of the home decorative item.

Also, the Arhaus customer needs to carry the original payment receipt. 

If any person purchases an Arhaus item from the Arhaus website and wants to return the product in-store, it’s better to contact Arhaus customer service at 866.427.4287.

Also, suppose a customer has purchased an Arhaus item from a third-party company.

In that case, the customer has to visit the third-party store as it’s their responsibility to provide the required service. 


Arhaus Return Policy for Online Purchases

Arhaus Return Policy for Online Purchases

Arhaus’s website is a successful and high-demand destination where customers purchase good-quality and good-looking furniture, mattresses, decorative items, and other things for the home. 

Even though the customers enjoy the Arhaus products a lot, sometimes, for return issues of online orders, the customers get confused. So, to return the Arhaus item,

●    First, contact the Arhaus customer service number 866.427.4287 or email [email protected] to apply for a product return.

●    After that, the Arhaus employee will pick up the call and provide all the required information, for example, the order number, email address, phone number, etc.

●    After that, Arhaus customer care will guide you with the product return and the steps.

The customer must wrap the Arhaus item thoroughly and return it to the Arhaus company.

Also, company pickup services are available, so the customers have to discuss it with the Arhaus customer service employee.


What is Arhaus Return Policy on Final Sale Items?

Arhaus Return Policy on Final Sale Items

Arhaus mainly sells furniture and decorative items for the house.

As a result, they expect most of the products to return.

But sometimes, clearance sales are hosted at the Arhaus website and stores where customers can purchase Arhau items of great quality at an affordable rate.

However, clearance sale items are not eligible for return at stores and companies.

Now, if a person has purchased anything from the Arhaus clearance sale, like fresh decor wallpaper, etc., the return service isn’t available for these items.

But still, if any customer refuses or returns the Arhaus financial item after delivery, the customer has to pay a 50% restocking fee.

Also, custom-made products, like mattress decorative items, etc., are unacceptable for return.

To ensure the customer doesn’t cancel the product at the end of the moment, the customer has to pay a 50% deposit for the order. 


Does Arhaus offer free returns?

No, unfortunately, Arhaus provides free return shipping to the customers.

It’s not news to anyone who handles furniture and decorative items like mirrors, lighting, tabletops, etc., that they are not easy to handle.

As a result, it’s difficult for Arhaus to afford the return shipping charges for these items. 

It’s true that after spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on furniture, the customer doesn’t prefer to pay for the Arhaus product return shipping cost.

If the customer is unsatisfied with the Arhaus item or has any other issues, returning the product is enough to disappoint them. 

However, Arhaus has mentioned that if the customer wants to return the Arhaus item, then the customer has to pay for the return shipping cost.

The customer has to choose the proper return shipping service based on the product size and required service. 

And if the customer wants the Arhaus, the Arhaus employees pick up the merchandise from their home.

In that case, it’s a different service.

Besides that, if the customer wants to return their Arhaus-purchased product at the store, they should contact Arhaus customer service to save money for return shipping. 


How long does it take to receive a refund from Arhaus?

After you return the product to the Arhaus company, there is nothing to worry about anymore.

After the product reaches the Arhaus warehouse, it will go through Thorough checking to ensure that it is in perfect condition and has all the essentials intact.

If the Arhaus product is in perfect condition after completing all the processes, the customer will receive the refund within 30 days.

The customer will receive the Arhaus product refund through the original payment method, but if it’s a cash or check purchase, it will take 15 days to process the corporate check as a refund method. There is nothing to worry about as, one way or another, the customer will receive the product refund.

However, if the Arhaus furniture is ordered due to a long size selection, customers will receive an Arhaus gift card as a refund method.

Not only that but the restocking fee and the shipping charges will be deducted from that amount.

Also, for the furniture return, the cost will be deducted from the refund if the customer has to apply for merchandise pickup by the Arhaus employees.

Another thing is that there is no restocking required for the non-furniture or decorative items; however, the shipping charges won’t be refunded to the customers. 


What is the Arhaus Return Policy for Damaged/defective items?

Arhaus is a big company, and for them, keeping the customers satisfied is a very important thing. So, whenever Arhaus delivers their item to the customers, they ensure it is securely packed. 

Nevertheless, at the time of delivery, for some incidents, if the customer gets a damaged item, the customer can return their Arhaus product to the company and get a refund. So, to apply for the return of the damaged Arhaus product, the customer has to contact 866.427.4287 within 14 days of delivery. 

But before the refund, the Arhaus employees thoroughly checked and verified the reason for the product return. After that, if the claim is true, then Arhaus will refund the full amount of the product to the customers.

Also, if the customer doesn’t report the Arhaus product damage, the product will not be eligible for return or exchange. Show the customer that they must remember these things to receive Arhaus’s full product amount refund. 


Can I exchange the Arhaus product instead of return?

Yes, Arhaus does accept furniture and decorative items for exchange. 

Having sizing issues or not liking the design in the furniture room of furniture is a common thing.

So, for such a common situation, it’s better to exchange the product instead of retaining it. 

Returning Arhaus furniture is hectic, and the refund can take time, so by exchanging it, the customer can avoid all the complex situations. 

However, for the Arhaus product exchange, it’s very important to have the original Arhaus purchase receipt.


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