Mew Mews Return Policy in 2024 (Full Detailed)

If you are not satisfied after purchasing any womenswear from Mew Mews, you can easily return it by knowing the Mew Mews Return Policy.

Going on a fancy date, vacation, or just prom, whatever the occasion, for that having a gorgeous and classy dress is important.

And to purchase those dresses no destination can be as interesting as Mew Mews.

On the website, for all types of occasions, there are different varieties of dress options available.

So the customers can easily choose a perfect dress for themselves.

However, even though the dresses and the services of Mew Mews are pretty incredible but still for a few customers due to styling color length any other reason would try to return the Mew Mews product after purchasing it.

That’s why to give proper guidance related to the Mew Mews return policy and its methods this article is here.



Mew Mews Return Policy

Mew Mews clothing is highly loved and preferred by customers all over the world especially in the US.

The variety of bodycon dresses the customers can buy from the website is incredible.

But, After purchasing a beautiful dress from Mew Mews, if you feel like you don’t need that dress anymore or if you are not satisfied with the product then returning it is the best option.

And to do that following the Mew Mews return policy is important as without that the return won’t be possible. So, 

●    The Mew Mews purchased item has to be returned within 7 days of delivery.

●    The Mew Mews items should be unworn, unused, and unaltered.

●    The Mew Mews clothing should not have any stain or odor.

●    The original packaging tags should be intact for all the Mew Mews items.

●    For the swimwear the Mew Mews product must have the hygiene sticker intact.

●    The customer must have the Mew Mews purchase received as proof of purchase. 


Mew Mews Return Policy for In-store Purchases

Unfortunately at Mew Mews, there is no in-store return available.

Mew Mews is an online website from where customers can purchase elegant and stylish dresses for themselves for gift purposes, then different types of accessories, jewelry, etc. 

However, as Mew Mews doesn’t have any stores that’s why there is no in-store return available. 


Mew Mews Return Policy for Online Purchases

For special occasions to purchase stylish dresses people look for trustworthy and well-known destinations from where they can purchase well-fitted dresses and gowns.

And that’s why most of the people recommend Mew Mews.

But as it’s about dresses and clothing hence there is a chance that the fitting isn’t perfect or the product isn’t satisfying enough.

So in that case to return the Mew Mews product, returning it through mail is the only possible method. So, to apply for a return,

Through form 

●    First visit the Mew Mews website and go to the return page

●    There you will find the return application or you can simply click on the Mew Mews link to directly land on the return application page. 

●    The application mentions the name, email address, order number, name, number of items you want to return, return reason, and all the other required information. Also, attach a picture showing the reason you want to return the Mew Mews item.

●    Then send the message to the Mew Mews company.


Through email,

●    You can also apply for Mew Mews product return through email, for that send an email at [email protected]

●    At that email mention your Mew Mews order number, the name of the item you wish to return, and the reason for the return also don’t forget to attach a photo showing the returned reason and the attached tag.

●    Then, wait for the Mew Mews return confirmation mail.


After your Mew Mews product is approved for return and you receive a Mew Mews return confirmation mail then,

●    Contact your preferred shipping company

●    From there apply for a ground shipping label

●    After that pack the Mew Mews return product thoroughly so that it won’t get damaged at the time of return. 

●    Also include a photocopy of the receipt at the Mew Mews return package 

●    After that at the top side of the Mew Mews return product packaging apply the return shipping label

●    And then send it back to the Mew Mews company at the New Jersey, USA address. 


What is Mew Mews Return Policy on Final Sale Items?

Mew Mews is a well-known brand that sells high-quality and designer dresses and accessories to customers.

Because of this, the website is always active and in some cases, some dresses even get stocked out.

Now to get things at an affordable rate from Mew Mews many customers wait for the final sale. 

Final sale items are great in quality and equally incredible.

But the problem is once the Mew Mews product is purchased after that there is no chance that the customer will return the Mew Mews product to the company.

So if the customers have purchased any dresses or accessories from the final sale then they can return it to Mew Mews. 

Also for sanitary reasons, there are products like earrings, press-on nails, leggings, necklaces, gloves, etc.

That Mew Mews product won’t be accepted for return after selling to the customer. 


Does Mew Mews offer free returns?

No, at Mew Mews there aren’t any free return services available for the customers. 

Mew Mews is a great company and customers do receive the gorgeous dresses they desire for. 

But when there isn’t something right with the product then returning or exchanging is the only option.

But now as most of the companies provide free return shipping to the customers that’s why the customers don’t like to pay for Mew Mews return items.

But Mew Mews afford the return shipping cost for all the products.

That’s why customers have to purchase a return shipping label from their preferred courier service.

They must keep the return slip to track information on the package. 


How long does it take to receive a refund from Mew Mews?

Mew Mews doesn’t provide cash in return for the Mew Mews item.

When a customer returns the Mew Mews item to the company at their New Jersey address for some product-related issue or for not being satisfied with the fitting then after reaching the Mew Mews location the staff checks the product thoroughly to make sure that the item is eligible for return and there isn’t any damage available caused by the customer.

At Mew Mews, after the product reaches the verification process takes around 3 to 5 business days, and after that, the customer will receive a Mew Mews gift card through email. The customer can use that gift card within the next 12 months. 

Also at the time of refund of the Mew Mews product amount, the customers receive the shipping fee.


What is Mew Mews Return Policy for Damage/defective Items?

Mew Mews is a unique fashion brand, and they don’t want any of their customers to experience any sort of disappointment.

That’s why whenever Mew Mews sends their product to the customers, they ensure everything about the Mew Mews product is in flawless condition. 

But still, if the customer received a damaged item or had some issues, they can make the situation better for themselves by asking for a replacement or refund for that Mew Mews item. The customer should contact 

Mew Mews customer service by sending an email to [email protected] within 7 days of receiving the product. 

After that, the Mew Mews professionals will check the product thoroughly to verify the damage and if it’s truly first due to some unknown reason and not the fault of the customer then Mew Mews will provide a replacement of the dress or accessory or provide a gift card of the same value.


Can I exchange the Mew Mews product instead of return?

Yes, customers can exchange their Mew Mews items instead of returning them.

Well, the Mew Mews items are always great and so when a customer loves the product very much but, due to some size or styling-related issues, wants to return the product. In that case, exchanging the Mew Mews item is a great option.

Also at Mew Mews for the customer, there is only a gift card refund or exchange available.

Also if the customer exchanges Mew Mews products choosing the same amount of product there is no extra amount to pay.

But if the customer chooses something expensive then they can pay the excess amount separately.

And if the exchange product is cheaper than the original product then they will receive a Mew Mews gift card for the remaining amount.



Below we share some FAQs

How long do I have to return a Mew Mews item?

If the customer isn’t satisfied with the Mew Mews item then they have around 7 business days from the delivery date to apply for a return or exchange.


How do I return Product to the Mew Mews?

Mew Mews is an online business and the only possible method to return the Mew Mews product is through the mail.


Does Mew Mews offer international returns?

Mew Mews does deliver their product to international addresses, so if the international customer wants to return the Mew Mews item first they have to send a mail at [email protected], then the customer service will guide Mew Mews product return.



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